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POLITICS September 18, 2008

Peace lovers or Impotent??

Its a debate that is raging in my mind with recent events in my personal life as well as in country’s life. I guess most of the people are like me..with a middle class mnetality, who donot want to be part of any scene, who love peace more than a scuffle. But recent events prove that we are indeed impotent and hiding our weakness in the blanket of so called Peaceful.

Somebody comes & harms us, without any fault of ours and we still remain silent in the guise of being peacful & modest, rather tham fighting for our dignity. We think we cannot do anything, as we don’t have time, money & power.

Whether its Hyderabad incident with me, Bike kissing incident with Rahul (my friend), some SIMIans bombing Indian cities, some Ravans torching churches, Naxalite killing/kidnapping children and many uncountable incidents (if i start writing whole server would be insufficient), all conclude with some noise, which eventually dies out with our inaction and conclusion of “WHAT CAN I DO?”.

Its well said “ITS ENOUGH FOR EVILS,FOR ADAM NOT TO ACT”. And it holds completely true for me and as well as for India.


What exactly is terror striking?

A : Ahmedabad (almost through out 2000s), Ajmer (2007), Amarnath (2001,2007)

B:  Bangalore (2005,2008), Baramulla (2002,2005,2006)

C: Coimbatore (1998)

D: Dras(1999)


F: Faizabad (2007)

G: Gandhinagar (2007)

H: Hyderabad (2007,2008),Haridwar (2006)

I: Indore, Indian Railways

J: Jaipur (2008), Jammu (almost through out 2000s)

K:Kanpur (2008, although diverted)

L: Lucknow(2007)

M: Mumbai (almost through out 2000s)

N: New Delh (2001,2005,2008)


P:Patna (2006)


R: Rampur (2008)

S: Srinagar (almost through out 2000s), Surat (2008)

T: Trains

U:Udhampur (2002), Uri (2004)

V: Varanasi (2006)





If one tracks the strikes, it looks what terrorist are targetting is “26 letters” of English Alphabets. Sadly, there are no major Indian cities starting from letter E,O,Q,W,X,Y,Z….otherwise something would have been against these letters.

There are some cities with E & O, so these cities should be put on Terror alert…..but can this divert the hinious act, carried out in name of god.


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