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Earth as a big server, Crashing…… March 20, 2010

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Why Earth is degrading??

Lets get an answer, which connects well to present generation. And nothing fits the bill as a computer. So lets think Earth as a server.

 So Earth is like a server with limited memory space with certain TB^TB. Similarly, Homo sapiens are like an application with certain space assigned in this server. But they have turned into a virus, growing exponentially [population explosion], ending up eating other application [species], in turn “Shift – deleting”[extinct] many of these, many in “delete”[endangered] stage. Like an server, which needs all kinds of supporting application t0 keep itself running, Earth also needs all kind of biological /geographical diversity to keep itself running. But with “Homo-sapien” virus corrupting/deleting the other applications, soon time will come when the Earth server will come down, in-turn shutting down all applications, including the Homo-Sapien virus itself: FOREVER. Already the server have started seeing the effect of this virus, like:

  • server getting too hot [Global Warming]
  • server making lot of sound (tornados, cyclones, drought, heavy rains etc)
  • components of server falling down
  • server slowing down more than ever etc.

With “Law of conservation of memory” holding true here as well, more the memory Homo Sapien application takes up, lesser is available for other applications [species]. So time has come, inorder to save this server, Homo sapien’s growth has to be checked and its dependence on other applications needs to be re-looked.

Hope the geeks get connected to message this time.