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Humara Bajaj December 11, 2009

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Humara Bajaj


Years ago this garlanded photo of a scooter meant entry of a new member to the family. But sadly, this time it is not. Rather its a photo a “departed soul”.

This is obituary on the demise of “Humara Bajaj” brand, that was the icon of India for more than 3 long decades. Its sad, but it is rested to peace, for good. It is a farewell speech for a vehicle which had been very much “Humara”, very much an “Indian” and which had ruled the pot-holed roads of India for decades, with sheer hard work only and nothing else. It had carried loads multiple times its own weight, carried loads of a grown up family comprising of a fat husband, fattier wife and their naughty siblings. Now these siblings have grown up & their generation, is now spearheading India’s resurgence, India’s development. So it can well concluded that this humble scooter is the builder of foundation,which is fuelling new India towards development.

I remember me and my four cousins, packing ourselves in our Uncle’s blue bajaj scooter to see Durga puja. My latest memory is of four us all in their 20’s, packed in this scooter, on way to Nandi hills. I remember my father’s Chetak ferrying me to school, ferrying me to tuitions, carrying me to board exam centers. I just wonder now, if I can ferry my nephews in my new, muscular Bajaj Avenger. And the answers comes a BIG NO.

Scooter paving way for bikes, is perfect picture of changing India. How the snailed pace country of 80’s & 90’s is racing ahead with spped. How large hearted n accomodative scooter (read Old India) is paving way to less accomodative bike (read new India)? How well covered n introvert scooter has paved to naked n extrovert bike?  How a never serviced scooter is paving way for a pampered bike? 

But nothing lasts long. And so did “Humara bajaj”. The symbol of Indian middle class of 80’s and 90’s had grown older and so had turned pale infront of its next gen bike. Perhaps we have lot of lessons to be learnt from this small economic development, but a bigger emotional development. First “change is the only constant”, two “accepting change”, three “everything good or bad has an end”, four ” a generation works for future generation only, and so should give away the way..timely”.

But, whatever is the change, it is always for good. I am sure a similar article must have been written in 70’s, when Humara Bajaj was born and was capturing the roads of legends of 50’s & 60’s (Rajdoot).But as seen, that new born of then, carried India of 80’s n 90’s successfully to new millenium. It’s a job well done, infact a great job and no words can explain the feet.And now its the responsibility of new generation to take the legacy forward to new peaks. And I am very optimistic, of the legacy being carried forward and somebody from my “next-gen” will write a similar article on “desh ki dhadkan” (Hero Honda, Pulsar) 3 decades later, when there day will come and they will pave way for another  generation. 

So, lets the “Humara Bajaj” rest in peace and god bless it in heaven. Thanks “Humara Bajaj” for good memories. LONG LIVE “HUMARA SCOOTER”.

Such picture of a family on scooter inspired Tata to invent Nano, whose popularity doesnot need any limelight