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Outing to Madhugiri…to buy Vegetables September 2, 2009

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Madhugiri, Asia’s largest and World’s second largest Monolithic hill, is 140 Kms from Bangalore, in Tumkur district, in Karnataka. It also boasts of a fort at top of it, which Hyder Ali had built.

For more description on Madhugiri, click on following links:

Our Trip:

1) HSR Layout- Hosur Road- Nice Road- Neelamangala- NH4 toll gate- Dobbaspet- Karatgere-Madhugiri.

2) Me and Sambitosh in Hero Honda pleasure.

3) Total drive: 280 Kms. 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM. In village roads, we could not go above 40-50 Km per hr.

4) Sam bought vegetables, since prices were half of what it is Bangalore.CRAZZYYYYYY, but interesting.

How to reach?

Bangalore- Neelamangala- NH4 toll gate- NH4- Dobbaspet- Karatgere- Madhugiri.

Turning in NH4 for Madhugiri-This is the sign board to look out for

Turning in NH4 for Madhugiri-This is the sign board to look out for

1) While driving in NH4, the first bridge comes outside Bangalore. There’s a big sign board which read about Madhugiri (49 & n’t it amazing). Turn right and follow Karatgere signboard. After Karategere follow Madhugiri signboard.

By bus, Tumkur is a major stop. I did see lots of bus plying on this route, so frequency should not be a problem. Moreover, Madhugiri bus stop, is right infront of Hill.

Town and Hill:

1) Moderate trekking to reach the top of the hill. Last 50 mts, is very tough and is recommended for the confident ones only.

2) Free Parking area at the foot of the hill.

3) No drinking water facility or refreshments facility. So carry on your own.

4) No ATM facility. So carry sufficient cash.

5) Limited lunching facility. So if you are choosy in your fooding, fill in your belly in one of the NH4 dhabas. There are plenty, we had in “Pravashi restaurant”, some 10-15kms from Bangalore toll gate. Its worth the price is all I can say.

When to go?

1) Only when its cloudy (but not raining). Under sun and rain, trek could prove to be Bone threatning, if not life threatning. When we went, it became cloudy in second half of our trek, which made it easier for us.


1) Last 50 mts of trek to reach the top of the fort. It could be really dangerous, especially if its hot or raining. We did trekking with helmets on…:-)

Madhugiri Hill..view from Road

Madhugiri Hill..view from Road

2) Water availability. So carry sufficient amount.

3) Frequent humps in approaching roads. Could be very annoying and dangerous, if driving in night. There are no warnings, and a good patch of road may suddenly have one, to break your back and vehicle.

4) Limited lunching options. So carry for get your stomach filled up in NH4.

5) Not for those, who are looking for a green trek. The hill is a big naked stone.

Verdict (2/10):

 Not that worth because of the distance from Bangalore and condition of approaching roads. Although it promises peace,  silence and neatness (when compared to other Indian places and obvious reason being its less frequented), but it should be last option for an outing from Bangalore, if no other option is left.

Its good for a single day outing from Bangalore or Tumkur.

Nearby Attractions:

Not explored, but other near by places are Siddarbetta, Devrayan Durga, Sivagange and a dear sanctuary.

Special Requests:

1) The place is neat and clean, so please ensure it status. Ensure zero foot print and carry your own trash.