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(Half)Marathon – अब तक तीन September 14, 2008

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They say spirit of a city is seen in its participation of people in Marathon. And i completely agree with that. Annual Sports events for a place are as old as human civilisation and present day Marathon are nothing but western version of one of these events…..Running.

In India, the concept is fast catching, with smaller cities like Bhubaneswar also holding such annual extravaganza. In my opinion, Marathon should be a platform for showcasing a city’s heritage, culture, democratic rule, health, tolerance for all sects of people and of course its economy. Till now i have participated in three marathons, all in Bangalore and looks like the day is not far, when Bangalore will satisfy all these CTQ’s.

My dream is to participate in all Marathon, at least in India. Till now i have ran for Bangalore only, but very soon will start for other cities as well. (more…)