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Change – The medium by which “LoC” happens December 26, 2011

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Simple example of Law of Conservation

LoC stands for Law of conservation. The most fundamental law governing Universe, as explained in one of my previous blogs.

This thought of mine is continuity of that blog. Having established the governing law, I wonder how is it implemented. And the answer is “CHANGE”. Change, the only constant in Universe. They draw back the sine curve as shown is figure above. If you are at peak of curve, so as per law conservation, you have to go its Nadir point at some point. And the way you go is by Change. Change happen, change in your position. 

So change is the medium by which the governing law gets implemented. So change is inevitable, it is must & so it is the only constant.

– Stars are born and then there are changes in star that happen over billions of years, resulting in its death.  

– We are born, we change to become young, then change to become adult & finally old followed by death.

And then similarly there are trillions of examples, infact everything in n around undergo change, because it has to follow the fundamental law: Law of conservation. Now in life, change is often seen as “something disturbing”, something often not welcomed and this result in “resistance of change” which in turn result in lot of conflicts. Few examples:

– Change brought by globalization is now feared. Countries which are bearing its fruit (of course that will be for just sometime) welcome this, while countries at its receiving end have started resisting it (Greece, Spain etc.). But whatever the policy government bring upon as a resistance to this change, they will end up in losing side, because they will be fighting against that is inevitable.

– Many countries/societies fear & resist over the change brought by introduction of new culture. Examples like banning of Burqa in France n few other European countries, violence over western education in Islam dominated societies, immigration issue in Germany, USA etc. and the daily Newspaper are full of these examples. But again resisting these change is fighting impossible. Change has to happen.

– Grey generation fear the change coming up in younger generation. They worry about so called “cultural deterrence” & terms like “Generation Gap” has surfaced as a result of resistance to this change. But then again it is inevitable. So called Cultural values, ethics, practices, customs etc. has always been fluid & taken their own course against time. Path ofcourse decided as per the supreme law: Law of Conservation.

– In work, senior engineer’s probability of rejection of a new idea proposed by a Junior (younger) Engineer is always high. Reason resistance to change. But then have you ever seen a design static over years. No, because however big is the resistance, change is in-evitable.

– All paths are being explored to avoid man made global warming/climate change. I myself still think of ways to do it. But then when I think of the supreme law (law of conservation) & change as its medium of implementation, I feel defeated. Because as per Law of conservation, Earth has to go through cycle of evolution & destruction. Previously destruction happened via medium of Earthquake, Volcanoes, Ice ages etc. and so may be this time destruction will be through man made pollution, resulting global warming & climate change.

So, Change is the Medium via which the eternal truth: Law of Conservation is implemented. And since Law of Conservation is inevitable, therefore change in evitable. It has to happen. There is no way out of it. One may temporarily avoid change or adopt a change that is not as per greatest law, but in long term, change has to take a path decided by law conservation. It’s just we donot see change in our lifetime, we shift this change to future generation. In religious terms, Law of Conservation is god & change is the way to pray that god.


Law of Conservation January 29, 2011

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Simple example of Law of Conservation

As I see things, explore more, I am coming to one single conclusion: Everything, everything in this universe is governed by one law: “LAW OF CONSERVATION“. Let’s take examples:

1) Take proverb: “Two sides of a coin”…nothing but another way of expressing “Law of conservation”.

2) There’s birth n so there’s death & vice versa….”law of conservation of life“.

3) Human population increasing….trees & other species population decreasing…..”law of conservation of souls/life“.

4) CO2 increasing in atmosphere…decreasing other gases….”Law of conservation of gases“.

5) in 1800s, booming economy in US, Europe resulted in collapse of Indian & Chinese economy….”Law of conservation of so called Economic growth“.

6) Now, booming job markets in India, China coinciding Unemployment in US, Europe….”Law of conservation of jobs“.

7) We have rich people & poor people…”Law of conservation of wealth“. Centuries ago Europe grew on Asian economies, nor vice versa is happening. It is an example of Law of conservation of wealth at a given moment & also law of conservation of wealth over centuries. So again down the line (after many many centuries) again Europe may feed on Asian economy.

8) Increasing consumerism resulting in depletion of resources of Earth …”Law of conservation of resources

9) We have happy n sad moments….similarly there’s smile n tears….”Law of conservation of emotions

10) If we are happy all the life, some one is sad all the life…..again “Law of conservation of emotions

11) There are monks & criminals …. “law of conservation of personalities

12) Somebody is powerful & some powerless…”Law of conservation of power“.

13) Stars are created ..stars are destroyed…”law of conservation of stars“.

14) There’s summer n there’s winter…..”law of conservation of heat

15) There’s rain …n there’s drought….”law of conservation of precipitation“.

16) There’s day n there’s night …..”law of conservation of light“.

17) I know about today’s science, but do not know the ancient science (which my father knows)….”Law of conservation of knowledge“. This is often given name of “Generation Gap“. Another extension to same, I know something about engineering, but not subjects like home science, arts, finance etc. Further extension, I know more on chemical engineering, compared to others branches. So it’s all about “Law of conservation of knowledge“. When we take a deep dive on one subject, we got to miss knowledge about others.

18) We now earn money, lot of money, but have to stay away from family. It’s about “Law of conservation of mode of happiness“. Some are happy with lot of money & some with sufficient money & time with family.

19) Our mirror images are opposite. Again “Law of conservation”. Our body has two eyes, two hands, two legs so on…but all on either side of a symmetric live. Single mouth-but right in middle. Nothing but “Law of conservation of body mass“.

So, when one gains, someone else has to loose. With victory of one is associated defeat of someone. Law of conservation is the soul reason why each & every system tends to come to its equilibrium. We  all know of law of conservation of mass & energy. Someone may argue that at speed of sound law of mass doesn’t hold good, but then the phenomenon that take place is law of conservation of Mass + Energy.

So, “Law of conservation” governs everything. Everything means everything. I can keep giving examples, infact everything happening in n around in an example. It’s just; many things happen over big period of time (exceeding our life span) that we are not able to realize it. It many, miles-miles away, that we fail to see it. Often because of our Short sightedness, we fail to realize it. I feel it’s the one & only fundamental law governing Universe, including our lives.


Law of conservation & Bhagwad Gita November 5, 2010

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I am having my lessons of Bhagwad Gita (BG) and one of the constant learning from it is: ” Soul never dies. It just transforms from one body to another. Soul can neither be created nor destroyed“. The second line of creation & detruction sounded very familiar to me & after pressurising my brain for some time, I found its similarity to “Law of conservation of mass”. Then I thought, how the hell,then population is growing, I mean,how new bodies are finding soul for themselves. Human population has grown from 2 billion to 6.5 billion in past century, which translates into growth of souls even. This increase in number of souls, made me to question Bhagwad Gita.

But Hindu in me, was not ready to accept that Bhagwad Gita is wrong. It is supposed to be the most relevant & true document of Kalyug. With further lessons, I got my answer from Bhagwad Gita (BG) itself. BG says soul is there in everything, living & non-living. Soul is there in insect currently crawling in my Tee, Soul is there is dust decorating my pant, Soul is there in tree in my garden which is about to be slaughtered, Soul is there in my bike..soul is here n there, everywhere.So when we kill an animal, root out a tree, its soul will trasfer into something else again. And this is my answer to the question of “How ever increasing human population find new souls for them?”. It also answers many other questions. Like, why with increasing human population, forest cover is decreasing, more animal species are verge of extinction. And why my grand mother used to tell me “if you do mischief, you will take birth of a dog in next birth”. She was just referring to Law of conservation of soul, where it travels from Human body to a dog.

So with this I had many important learnings from BG:

1) “Law of conservation” is ultimate axiom. Its extension is nothing but “A coin always has two sides”. An event, big or small in your life always has dual effect. You may feel just one, but be sure, the other part will appear in sme other form.

2) Never question superstition. It always has some scientific background, if we take a deep dive in it. It is indeed our inability to take deep dive or see the big picture behind it, that makes us to criticize those.

3) Destruction of other living & non-living creatures will continue, till the day human population grows, because demand of souls has to be met somewhere, as soul can be neither be created or destroyed. It can just be transferred from one body to another.

4) BG has indeed solution to all our problems. Its just we have to keep our senses: open & receiptive.