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लालू की ट्रेन …… फायेदे में कैसे ?? August 1, 2008

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लालू की ट्रेन …… फायेदे में कैसे ??
१) passenger train ko fast train bana do…..Rs 20 extra on all tickets….god he is genius….no investment….but returns & only returns.
२)Increase reservation time …… & he knows one fact….no. of tickets cancelled is directly propotional to reservation time…….god he is genius…again… no investment….but returns….BIG.
And so no wonder…how come railways are in profit…& no doubt he should go & teach in HARVARD……all companies will love RETURNS WITHOUT INVESTMENTS.
3) Now 3 seats in side rows as well. When people are thinking of getting comfort in railways, minister is going the other way….treating Passengers as a pack of goats packed in a compartment.
And the minister call this innovation….and i will call it deteroition….
Where is innovation…when the
1) person has to ADJUST to get a sit….is ADJUSTMENT INNOVATION??????
2) When one is not able to sit upright..even in present designs. 
3) What will happen a group of senior passengers
4) When there is no provision of a single dustbin in the compartments..and so one finds WORLDs largest garbage stacks beyond the indian railways track.
5) When there is no water in wagons ..even during monsoon season…forget what must be happening in Summer season.
Looks like Ministers’ definition of INNOVATION is making people to ADJUST more.
6) When person in “upper berth” has to deal with hottest conditions, besides not able to sit upright.
7) When Window is accessible to only 3 out of 8 people, which will become 3/9 in new designs.
Sir where is your INNOVATION to solve these problems.
 Interestingly…none of FEEDBACK sites work in Indian Railways…thats good innovation to avoid people IRE.
Sir where is your innovation, when the you take pride in being largest service provider, but donot mind when your website fells 90% of the time.