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Agarwal Packers n Movers….a Review January 3, 2013

A snapshot of packing

A snapshot of packing

This blog is about my experience with Agarwal packers & movers.

Overall rating: 8/10. They may be costly, but it’s worth the house hold valuables.

My recommendations: Highly recommended

My shifting details:

–          From Bangalore to Navi Mumbai

–          Total expenses: Rs. 19000

–          Total baggage: 28

–          Major items: 32 inch LCD TV, Disassembled 5 X 3 feet TV stand, 6/4 disassembled bed, LPG Stove. So NO refrigerator, NO vehicle, NO washing machine, NO other valuable items.

–          7 days free storage in destination, there after Rs. 150 per day. If negotiate well, they can make this free as well.

–          My items remained in there (Navi Mumbai) go-down for 2 weeks

–          Customer service, call ratings: “Beyond my expectations”

–          Timely delivery. My items reached Navi Mumbai within 3 days.

I had done my research in internet for shifters. And so I had minimal expectations from all. From research, Agarwal packers got maximum thumps up from their customers, albeit just 30%. Rest all scored from 0-20%. So I decided to get quotes from top two: Agarwal packers & Leo packers. Both of them quoted more or less same (around 17K), so I decided to go for Agarwal packers (although marginally higher) & boy they at least did not disappoint.

–          Super packing, with special care for fragile items

–          Super 5 layer packing for Television (last one a wooden layer)

–          Synthetic packing all 28 items (see photo)

–          Well numbered, for easy tracking of items

–          Good team work, where each individual knew what they had to do.

–          Within 3 hours they had emptied my house while taking & also while delivering

Some cautions/advice to be taken for better service:

–          Talk politely & friendly. But do negotiate on quote.

–          Tell truth while asking for quotations. Don’t hide any item. They may trouble, if something major is found during packing & was not told.

–          Tips to shifters for some reason are expected.

–          Better do packing of dresses etc. on your own. They can kind of dump these items.

–          There are many fake shifters of same name (I found 3 on internet), so beware. Below is link of original:

–          Flammable items like match sticks etc., liquids which may spill are not allowed.

–          Give a thought while assigning insurance value to items. (3% of quote is compulsory. Further division of 3% amount is left to customer…so give a thought on division carefully)

Overall, I am very much satisfied with their service. Although a bit expensive, I still recommend it highly over others, as extra cost is worth the valuables you own.