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Chatur Ramalingam in me March 20, 2010

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There’s a Chatur Ramalingam in me. For people, who donot know him, he is a character in record breaking blockbuster 3-Idiots, who relied more on mugging-vomiting concept, rather than understanding. And because of this nature of his, he became the laughing stock of audience in movie and also the movie goers, when he repeated word “Balatkari” , instead of “Chamatkari” in his mugged up speech, without understanding that Balatkari means rapist, when it was supposed to be Chamatkari, meaning pioneer, in the speech context.

So why do I say, there’s a Chatur Ramalingam in me. Because I do things, just for sake of dong it without realising its importance or purpose. Biggest examples are prayers, which I do everyday religiously and that too at a fixed time, in a fixed manner and in a fixed duration of time. But do I know the reason, why do I pray, why do I utter certain words, why do I carry out the ritual in a particular order of fashion? Answer as I found out, is a big No. So there’s a Chatur in me.

I go to temple. worship the stone sculptures in a particular fashion and come back. But never wondered why I do so? I have been doing for years, since I have been taught to do this. I go to office, do work as learnt from books, but never realise how this karma of mine is going to answer bigger question: “Why was I born in this lonely planet?”

So there is a Chatur in all of us. Its in form of ego, its in form of illiteracy/lack of knowledge. And only we take out the traits of worldly “chatur” from us, we become actual Chatur or intelligent.