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My Quotes December 4, 2010

“I am big critic of criticism”–Dec 2010


“Food saved is food served”-9th Jan,2011


” Be an explorative and not an exploitive tourist” – some time in 2008.


” If you personally think, value of your brain is more than zero

denomination, then wear helmet” – sometime in 2008


” My brain is worth billion $, n so I wear helmet” — Oct 2008


“Bangalore is full of Intelligent people, but hardly with any commonsense”– 2006 


” Life’s a beach….Did I spell it wrong?” — Oct 2010


” I am not an optimistic or pessimistic person. I am a realistic person” — June 2006


 “I believe, more on my commonsense than intelligence” – 2002


“Laugh n smile is the only religion, I follow & I can fire anything, to fuel its riot” – Dec 2010


“ Laughter is the religion, whose riot is good for world” – Dec 2010


“ Economy seldom follow statistics, but emotions” – Dec 2010


“ It’s the lust marriage that fails, not love marriage” – – Dec 2010

“ Do not lend ears to fear” – Dec 2010

“ 99% of Indians will be illiterate, if littering is definition of being illiterate ” – Dec 2010

“What’s better than ‘Ma ke haath ka khana’……..’khud ke haath ka bana khana’ “- Dec 2010

“Memory is the biggest victim of internet”– 21st March 2012.

“Why India is not able to Innovate, when Indians can??”- 30-Oct-2015

“India may be 65% literate, but it is hardly 10% educated”- 2010


4 Responses to “My Quotes”

  1. rabindra Says:

    Baba Omprakah ki Jai ho…..aap ne hum logon ko agyan ki andhakar se nikal diya…

  2. swets Says:

    hi aaj ki zamane ka swamy!!!..
    so when can we expect u in the lime light of TV 9 news 24*7..

  3. Samby Says:

    nice quotes buddy!

  4. townwala Says:

    Awesome stuff.

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