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Future of……….. March 12, 2012

Following are the MY, I stress MY view of future of selected sectors. They are more on anticipation of commercialized status (as many of them would have already been proven in lab). The views are completely personal & people who want to know more on selected sector, can contact me (I have developed few of the steps on How to go about it? ). Any resemblence with other views, is purely coincidental.

Microsoft Kinect or Gaming Industry as such [12th March-2012]:

– Next stage 1: Person’s face in the character [I anticipate 2013]

– Next stage 2: 3 D glasses [~2014]

– Next stage 3: Your whole body (live) as character [ ~2015]

– Next stage 4: Kinect Box [A room based 3D gaming, with 360 degree game visual] [~2020]

Interior Designing [12th March-2012]:

– Next stage 1: High Definition 3D view [~ 2014]

– Next stage 2: Real time feeling in a 3D room [~2015]

– Next stage 3: House simulation with house members in a 3D room (allowing changing of graphics/colors) [ ~2016]

– Next stage 4: Allowing complete hauling of the house all together [~2020]

Google (21st March):

Google history, google gadgets, google cars are some of things coming (~2015)

– Will become one of the largest tech & gadgets company.

Apple (21st March):

– I am predicting bad days of Apple starting any time (just one bad incident needed). Reason, company has been riding wave of popularity, just like any movie star. Selling is happening becoz customer see it as a status image. Remember, history has not been good for products riding on status or popularity image. Quality of Apple, no doubt is best in class, but cost & high sensitivity (interface with World outside Apple is terrible) are really two big drawbacks. If they continue to ride on popularity wave, it is not a company for long term bets.

Facebook (21st March):

As on today, it is one of the most valued companies. Reason again: it is riding a popularity wave, same wave Orkut was riding couple of years ago. But that value is completely artificial, as company hardly owns any assest. In order to surive, they need predict next thing to social networking (hints there in my blog). My take, they cannot be long marathon companies, if they remain the way they are now.

Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Google, Apple, Facebook/twitter……….wats next (21st March)??

These are companies which have been rated as most valued companies in recent past. And the trend has been, one company replaces other overnight, just by riding a wave of popularity. The rides have made individuals, world’s richest person overnight. And if we go by trend, next one must be round the corner. So big question is what is next to fb? Who will become next billionaire overnight & who bankrupt?

Although I donot know the company name, the person name…but I can draw hints from recent evens. 1980’s companies created their own wave that hardly affect others …1990s companies creating waves started disturbing their respective sector…2000s companies besides disturbing their own sectors also affected society & politics…..So I think the next Big company n idea will hit their respective sector, society & in turn hit many other sectors, even sectors it may not relate to, even by a dot. And last, it obviously will come from technology sector, no doubt about it.

That company will take networking into next level. Where people in-order to buy will go to this guy n decide. Decision to buy as simple as a biscuit, people will go n find out the best deal. Earlier, people buying a product didnot know how exactly is the product performance (although he/she may get from surrounding information)…how it compares to other product offering (these information is available now also..but is always scatterted & incomplete)…..where are the best deals available (deals will criss cross geo-political boundaries)…person will call for voting to buy a product….& once decided purchase ll be made one figner movement.

Retail Industry (2020):

The Largest sector in business world. And it will completely virtual, even if not 100% but will be 80-90% . Online videos of product, online comparison among various options, 3D videos, online video streaming of product from factories directly to end buyer & finally online purchasing. Right from things as trivial as rat’s poison to cars will go this way. Already significant progress have been made & there is virtual Mall out their, but still one has to go shop to get feel of product. This will be replaced by high quality real time 3D video streaming.

Robots (2030):

Robots have been topic of interest since decades & many have predicted when will robot replace human beings in a big way. When will they have full scale human like intelligence. Innumerable Movies showing future of Robots have been directed. But in all robots have traditonally been developed as machine. But recent article in BBC (on medical surgeries..although the article was never on Robot) made me to think otherwise. I think Robot will evolve like any one of us. They will take birth like any other biological process of reproduction. In fact robots won’t be robot at first..they will be human beings…& over years they will become robot. As ailment & diseases catch biological parts of a human body, respective diseased part will be replaces. First hands, followed by limbs, followed by spinal cord, followed by heart & so on…so what will be left is a Robot.


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