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Dreams Documented November 6, 2012

6th November-2012:

Today I saw a dream that I am travelling with my family to Arunachal Pradesh, near Indo-China border. It involved lot of trekking. Just before border, my family decided to rest. Even me trying to get to final border line, they didnot came & so finally me n my cousin, Ashish went. On way we saw a railway track & we were told that it dated back to world war days, when British built it to counter Japanese attack. Finally we reached the final frontier village, which surprisingly has a pucca road & our final leg of trekking involved climbing a wall just like spiderman….weird. THE END.

Kind of weired in many ways but with certain true facts. I donot expect my family to Arunachal Pradesh & then climbing walls …eeewwww…thirdly there is no railway track in Arunachal Pradesh’s leg of Indo China border yah but there are tracks in North East India built by British to counter Japanese in WW-2, so some true history within the dream.

8th November-2012 (Thursday):

Today I had a strange dream. I guess inspired from news channels, Adaalat, Crime patrol & all that saas-bahu serials. I saw myself sitting in-front of a khap panchayat, surprisingly comprising of ladies as well (kind of weird). Add to that, I was in black robes which judges wear (awwweee). It seems I am trying to protect a lady, a victim of dubious decisions of khap panchayat. They have pronounced that lady is unfit for (some) family & marriage. I responded it by saying

Me: “it is you people, who got her married based on horoscope matches.”

Immediately, a lady in the panchayat gets up & says

Lady: “she doesn’t know any house hold stuff.”

I defend it by saying

Me: “then you should have asked for skill sets & not the horoscope details. It is your fault & why should she be punished. Moreover, tasks can always be taught, no one is born with all the learning’s. Neither did you.

 All elders at a time “You scoundrel, how dare you talk with elders. It is us who raised you, fed you & now you are fighting us”

Me: “I am not fighting. I am debating. Understand there is difference between fight & debate. Girl is just 18 years, how can it be expected her to learn everything. Yes, I agree it was wrong on her part to argue/fight & run away, but that doesn’t ask for the stringent punishment you all have given. Moreover, it takes two hands to make a clap. Her in laws are equally responsible, as they cursed her day & night. There are two ways of teaching: one with love & other with a stick & in this case, it was later that was chosen.”

An old man with turban & moustaches, may in his 70s stood with a long stick in his hand..

Old man: In English: “You will teach us now. You are speaking against your own people, in support of that girl. Is this for I raised you, to see such a day.”

Me: “I am neither for nor against any person. I am stand for truth against lies, I stand for non-violence against violence; I stand for justice against injustice. You people consider yourselves as someone who follow traditions & values, follow religious teachings. Then you must have read & understood Bhagwad Gita.”

Everybody (firmly) : ”YES”

Me: “Then tell me Arjun was asked to take stand of what: truth or family”.

Lady: “Ha ha ha…his family was with him”

Me: “See our tradition custodians..that is all you know. Arjun always considered even kaurav as his family & that is why he fell in dilemma whether to fight or not. He preferred death, than fighting his brothers, teachers & other relatives. To him, all in the battlefield were equally dear.”

Me: “That is when god intervenes & tells him that, he is not fighting family, he is fighting against in-justice. He is fighting against lies. That is his karma, which he needs to perform with no attachments, neither for Pandavas or Kauravas.”

Me: “That’s what, I have learnt from my god. To always stand for right, whoever is against it. That’s my karma. Speaking truth, standing for it is all my karma. So, I am not for or against anyone in person. So, I had always loved & will do so even after all this. But there always be a grudge that I am part of you, who in name of god, religion and traditions, are doing injustice to mankind…”

N suddenly my alarm went off….First thing: why was whole dream in English & why I wearing that black robe. A really a long dream.


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