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Bharatiya Bhrastachaar Party (भारतीय भ्रष्टाचार पार्टी) November 23, 2010

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Bharatiya Bhrastachar party...election symbol

 मेरा नाम, अशोक चवन | सपना था, मेरा आदर्श भवन ||
 बनाएं उसमे, इतने पैसे | पर भूल गया, छुपाना है कैसे ||
 इससे छुट्टी, महारास्त्र की गद्दी | और हुई मेरी छवि, रद्दी ||
 कांग्रेस ने छोड़ा, मेरा हाथ | पर छोड़ा नहीं मैंने, राजनीति का साथ ||
 उद्घोषित करता हूँ, करके लक्ष्मी की आरती | शुरू की है, भारतीय भ्रष्टाचार पार्टी ||
 न्योता है, उन सभी भ्रस्टों को | बैंक खाता, जिनका अरबों मैं हो ||
 भ्रस्ट पार्टी मैं, उनकी मुफ्त एंट्री | स्विस बैंक मैं, जिनकी है रजिस्ट्री ||
 कृपा आये वो लोग | रिश्वत का लगाया हो, जिन्होंने भोग ||
 वो भी दिखाए, अपना थोपद्दा | हो जिनके पास हजार करोद्द का रोक्द्दा ||
 पार्टी का एक ही अजेंडा | नीचा रहे सिस्ताचार का झंडा ||
 पार्टी का है, अद्दिग विस्वास | होगा हमारा ही विकास ||
 हम पर है अब, माया का साया | अब होगी, सी.बी.आई की काली छाया ||
 फरेबी धोकदारी है, जिनके चरित्र | अब हमारे संग है, वो रेड्डी ब्रदर ||
 पैसे से जुडी ये पार्टी, कभी टूटे | हमारे खिलाफ, होंगे सभी केस झूटे ||
 जीतेंगे हम, बहुमत भारी | बस लोगों का वोट हो, काले भूगोल पर आभारी ||
 चलो भाइयों अब मजा मादी | नेतृत्व करेंगे सुरेश कलमाड़ी ||
Special thanks to Editor: Mr. Santosh Dhyani.

Uffff….Karnataka Politics October 25, 2010

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RK Narayan & KR Narayan on Karnataka Politics

Although I have limited article’s geography to Karnataka, but being an enlightened citizen, I know this is applicable to whole country. The current phase of Karnataka politics is addition of another page to epic of dirty politics of this country. Ironically, the episode of selling & buying of “loyalty” of 5 times democratically elected MLA, comes amidst news of suspension of 3 MPs including Swaraj Paul, from  British Parliament on account of false bills of few thousand pounds. Sadly the later news, which is certainly a lesson for us remains un-noticed.

More than mockery of democracy, what’s worrying me is associating these politicians with humble creatures of animal kingdom. I hope animal rights group like PETA etc. are noticing such a heinous act and protest against such blatant defamation of innocent creatures. My support is guaranteed.

Like media recently dubbed these transactions as “Horse trading”. What the hell. Why such beautiful creatures be equated to these pot bellied politicians. At one end Horse are so agile, fast & always stand tall to their cause and at the other end, How can these fatty politicians be agile??? Completely illogical comparison. [On 2nd thought, these politicians are indeed agile in swaping parties, may be that’s the reason 😉 ].

In another these politicians were called Donkeys. My foot. Donkeys are so loyal to their masters, who eat so less and are always poorly fed creature, whereas these politicians donot know anything about loyality and their bellies are always filled up with cash. This is insult & complete defamation of such a hardworking creature. Activists, please file defamation case against those who equate donkeys to these politicians.

In another discussion, these party hopping politicians were called dogs. WT#. Dogs are synonym of faithfulness and these politicians are synonym to Treachery. Poor creatures, wake up dog owners, this is insult to your beloved pet. Go and fight against those people, who equate dogs to these politicians.

In another article, these politicians were called Chameleon, equating act of party hopping with Chameleon’s skin color changing act. But I disagree. Chameleon,changes its skin color to match with its home, so as to protect itself against enemy. On contrary, politicians take color of enemy itself, ditching its home. Sadly, there are no activists, who can fight against such slanderouism.

Wake up activists, act against those who compare these Hare…oops Hairy politician with innocent & beautiful creatures. Act now.

On another note, I was relieved that I was not involved in electing these bad politicians (I am yet to vote). But on second thought, I think I am responsible for loosing of good politicians.

Few suggestion for next election to all “thinking” voters :

1) “Donot want to vote ” should be there as an option in an EVM.

2) Any politician featuring in money trade should not be allowed to stand in election.

3) Even if tainted politicians stand, donot vote them.


Breaking News: “I am responsible for CWG mess” September 30, 2010

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I am responsible of fiasco of CWG-2010. I take 100% ownership of the mess. I have created this CWG mess and made Kalmadi, Mario. Mario
over these years was busy in gobbling up the money packets coming on way and always concentrated on having money packets, instead of
responsibilities he owned up for the game. So, me being the creator of mess and making Kalmadi as Mario, is first hand responsible for the
disaster. So, hang me untill death and also let all my property go to Mario, as that is what he wants and not the games.

I am responsible, because I am crying at the last moment, instead of crying years back. I am responsible for red emissions in rooms, campus, roads..everywhere. I am responsible for traffic, I am responsible for stinky corners of Metro, roads and all public places, I am responsible for throwing garbage everywhere (except dustbin) & then crying about choked sewage system, I am responsible for wasting water (by closing taps while brushing) & cry about drought conditions, I am responsible for electing mischief makers to parliament, I am responsible for using cheap material in construction, I am responsible for poor designs of structure, I am responsible for mis-management of time & resources. So, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING. HANG ME UNTILL DEATH.


KOFFEE WITH KASAB April 18, 2009

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   ” Chod diya jai..yah maar diya jaye..

      Bol tere saath, kya saluk kiya jaye.”


The famous songs from “Mera Gaon Mera desh”, is more relevant, than ever it has been, even after decades.

As 1 billion people are just confused of what do this of this cock roach.( from Wednesday)


First confession is made

Second judges are allotted.

Third some jokers make issue of judges.

Re-allotment of lawyer for Kasab

Re tracking on confession…..and drama continues..


Citing that Confession was made forcefully has created new waves of breaking news and drama. If this drama continues…surely he will be out, either because of meeting the demands after some hijack drama or because of glitches in our system. And … and soon will be seen in “Koffee with Karan”, brand ambassador for Leopold Cafe and Taj Hotel and truly Incredible India..!!!!!!!!!


As you know anything can happen in India…and this is also a possibility in near future.


Episode: 420

Coffee with Kasab:

Q) Did you commit the crime of attacking Mumbai?

Kasab: No..

Q) But u made the confession that you did?

Kasab: That was forced out of it.

Q) But video recording shows you with guns in VT?

Kasab: I have been framed (just like Varun Gandhi said he was framed)

Q) First you told u were 21 and then 17. What’s your age?

Kasab: I don’t know when my parents had their honeymoon

Q) First you said you were form Pakistan, but now back tracking. Are you from Pakistan?

Kasab: The only country i know is India…

Q) Then how come you were with Terrorists in that car?

Kasab: They took as hostage.

Q) So you are hostage?

Kasab: Exactly

Q) Do u know who committed the crime?

Kasab: As per the news some mongoose from Pakistan

Q) How did you know?

Kasab: From you people…the media

Q) Any reason, why you are framed?

Kasab: Elections were approaching and some body had to be framed

Q) You mean political parties framed out?

Kasab: May be, i guess to get political mileage

Q) Which political party hand do you see?

Kasab: I am not good in remembering names

Q) May be you don’t know Indian parties?

Kasab: I am not good in remembering names

Q) OK…if you say you are not terrorists..then what punishment do you prescribe for terrorists?

Kasab: Unhe dafa 302 ki tahat, sajaye Maut………sunani nahin chahiye. There hands and legs should be chopped off. They should be forced to live ….but like a Zinda Laas.


I guess that’s it. This should be the punishment for caught terrorists. They had come for death, but they should not be given death. They should be taught, what’s like living like a Zinda laas, which many innocent are forced to live, after any terrorist attack.


Why so drama, I guess that’s what we Indians have always done in situations like this. I guess now we got the answer of the song after so many decades.



Animals & politicians March 29, 2009

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1)Exceptional are “Sher politicians”………but their population is dwindling like tigers, in our country.Looks like we neeed to have “project tiger” in our politics as well. Indeed a rare species in our politics.

2) Few are “Gadhe politicians”…thats why again we have few of them like donkeys….otherwise how could have done so much mis appropiation of funds without anybodys knowledge.They got to be more than don-keys.

3) Some are “Ullu politicians”….One species are similar to gadhe ones..where as other species are smart…who work undercovers.

4) Some are “horses..”…..always involved in”horse trading”

5) Some are “chameleons……..” always change there colors

6) Some are “crocodiles…”…………..Magarmach ke ashu before every election.

7) Some are “bees……” always after queen bee…….especially in congress.

8) Some are “गीदड़ “…… अपने बाप के भी सगे नहीं होते…जनता तो दूर की बात है

9) Some….ummm..not some, rather many….resemble Elephants, after over feeding on Taxpayers money. Although elected for one seat, need to occupy two seats of parliament, just because of their sizes.


IOPL -Indian Outsourced Premier League March 22, 2009

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So finally the News is out, IPL early in its career is getting outsourced. Moreover its reversing the general trend of outsourcing, this time from East to West. Although the first edition itself had elements of outsourcing like Cheerleaders, but this time its big, really big in scale. The stadiums, audience, security etc are all getting outsourced.

The event also reversed another trend, it was rather govt. which forced this outsourcing. Theres no hue and cry made by govt., just imagine the job losses this outsourcing will incur. Looks like this is small pay back of what India has got all these years from outsourcing. Just imagine the losses Sony ads are making. Where will it get the billion people, to sneeze at a time, when SA/English population is just in some millions. Imagine the loss NDTV Imagine must  have had, when the DADA’s selected cheerleaders won’t be able to board the flight to SA/England, because of recession effect.

But said all, this is nothing in front of security of people. Life is more dearer than Cricket and thats true above all. But i have another view on this topic as well.News channel are projecting this as Victory of Elections over Cricket. My foot. This was never about Elections vs. Cricket. It was about a fun loving Nation vs. Brainwashed Terrorists. And it looks like Terrorism had done a Chequemate. This incident would be a moral booster for these goons, it clearly shows their ability to hold a nation of fun loving Nation at Ransom. It projects the government in ability to provide security to people in small event as these. Are we suppose to put all celebrations to stand still, because somebody is theatning us. It sends wrong signal to whole world that, govt of India itself recognises the threat within the country & our inability to provide security.

Many critics, will agrue that Elections are more important than Cricket. Many will argue that its hue and cry on behalf of Money rich cricket organisation in country. I also agree, this is clearly a business model and money churning machine, but truth is People see it, may be love it. It is just another source of entertainment which people want. And to deny this source of entertainment, with reason of Security, shows our failure as a nation.

What i conclude from this incident is whenever elections are held, we are not supposed to celebrate anything or get entertained. If any festival falls within election dates, we are supposed to sacrifice our gods, people are not suppose to come out in numbers to celebrate something. I thought its a democratic country and all have right to celebrate anything, without any fear. But this incident shows just a reverse thing. We are suppose to supress our Fun seeking cells, because we have been asked by some anti social elements (yah thats a very mild word for them).

There was clearly a way out, but but but….we BOWED to TERRORISM.


Govt.’s double standards….WHY?? March 1, 2009

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By now everybody must have heard about National Rural Job Guarantee scheme of central government, because as elections are approaching, the number of newspaper dedicated to these ads are increasing. Occasionally i think, the money spend on these would actually exceed the money reached the jobless. Whatever lets leave the corruption aspect.

Now this is scheme where govt is spending zillions to provide some days job to at least one person of a poor family, so that they can just stay afloat above the monetary defined poverty line. So zillion spends just to provide a temporary employment. Moreover, with current recession, many state as well central govt have declared so called “STIMULUS” package to boost materialistic consumption & create employment oppurtunity.DISASTROUS.

On other hand, everyday newspaper are filled with articles, citing vacancies in all government departments, right from a floor cleaner to an IAS post. Be it ASI, Navy, Army, police, schools……u name it….all blame lack of manpower for all their failures. Mumbai police after Mumbai attacks, Orissa police incompetency in handling naxalites, ASI inability to preserve history, forest departments inability to preserve last remaining jungles from poachers……….all cite same decade old reason of incompetent & incomplete manpower as the reason for their failure.

And matter of fact it is true. Almost all unheard departments like ASI, forest services, postal department, are operating below 50% of their strength. The biggest vacancies being in teaching departments. All govt schools, colleges, universities are “Mal-Manpowered” like anything. If one find outs these figures from RTI from all dept, i am sure the figure of vacancies will run into multi millions.

So why does govt is showing double standards, At one hand, they boast of spending crores to provide employment and on other hand is not filling the vacancies. Why is it sending taxpayers money to create non-tax payers…that too temporary ones. Moreover it would need just a fraction of the slated spend money to fill in the vacancies. A small vocational training to huge educated class and they are all set to fit in positions.

Moreover, filling vacancies will not only provide permanent jobs, but will create new taxpayers and more importantly will do more social good. Just imagine the energy of educated class spend in classrooms, hospitals, maintaining law & order…..rather than breaking it by joining religious zealots like SIMI, Ram Sena, Communist naxalites. Its just un-imaginable goodies for a democracy.

I think government should immediately re strategize and spend first on providing vocational trainings so that vacancies can be filled up and then spend left over these “poll oriented schemes”.