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Corruption December 29, 2011

I am writing on the hottest topic of the season in India, so that I can more hits in my blog. Its just “Behti Ganga main Haath Gila karna”, which is one of the form of corruption. So I am doing corruption.

Anyways. coming back to topic, the topic has made me to think why we are corrupt. What exactly is corruption & what kind of acts are defined as corruption.

Corruption by dictionary is dishonesty. It is carrying out an act, for benefit of self at cost of others.

Taking bribe, giving bribe (not sure), evading taxes, accumulation of money by robbing others are some of the general forms of corruption. I am not looking here into corruption of mind which leads to more henious form like murder etc.

Now why such corruption happens. And I feel in this there are four reasons:

– Corruption due to basic human/life nature

– Corruption due to basic law of anture: “power corrupts”. I gave it separate point, because of most of wars are due to this. So it deserve a distinct bullet.

– Corruption due to system

– Corruption due to extreme display of selfiness

The first one, corruption due to basic human nature is something unavoidable & will always be there, no matter what. Having zero corruption is against law of nature. In struggle of survival, creatures (read: all flora & fauna) cheat it fellow creature for food, space & energy. This form of corruption is important for survival. It is mantra behind survival of fittest. Similarly human being cheat fellow human being by stealing food or money for survival. Jealousy, again a human nature drives corruption. Thoughts like “Why should I pay him back, when he is rich or draw more salary than me?” results in non-payments of dues. But, although being mandatory or unavoidable form of corruption, this is cause of very small % of total corruption.

The second form: “power corrupts”, is one of the braches of first bullet, but it deserves a special mention because of its applicability in today’s world. The hunger to remain & retain in power, can drive even a saint to corrupt acts. Great examples are Raavan, Hirankashyap. Others examples from today’s world are Hitler, North Korean president,  Pakistan army, all anarchists & the list runs long. Even the religion dominion or struggle to become one, has made its followers corrupt. Even democracy has it, since elected representative dearly wants to retain power & so resort to all sorts of way. This form of corruption has only resulted in response like “Arab spring”,  “Red revolution”.

Third form of corruption, corruption due to system, in my opinion is reason behind majority of the corruption in today’s society. Again this can be classified into many types:

a) Due to hierarchy system: where the boss forces subordinates to carry out corrupt practices. Very common in all organization, public or private & also in all parts of world. End of the day, everyone fears about his/her bread.

b) Due to Contagious system: Yes corruption is contagious. “He is doing, why shouldn’t I”. Simple examples: faulty house rents to evade taxes. I am sure 99% of people in IAC would be doing this. Just ask yourself, Do you do it or not?  “I had to give bribe, so in order to compensate, I take bribe “, initiating bribe chain reaction. Again this reason of corruption is very common in India & can also be found in other countries.

c) Due to administrative system: Huge taxes, no accountability of paid taxes are also cited reason for corruption.

d) Due to status system of society, where a person or family in order to maintain their status, which is a function of lifestyle, resorts in unethical means to accumulate money. Again status symbol driven corruption is common in all societies across the world.

e) Due to societal obligations. This I think is the reason for majority of corruption in India. Societal obligation like raising children, getting children married, dowry aspect of obligations, performing all religious acts in lifetime, taking care of family (immediate & extended) etc. drive lot of corruption. Add to this status symbol driven corruption & scale of population (i.e number of dependents) & what one see is huge scale of corruption. In my opinion this is the biggest reason of corruption in Middle class.

Finally the final reason, Selfness. Although it is a human nature, but very small minority take to extremes. This is most dangerous form, as selfness fuels hungriness for money, comfort all the time. As hungriness no bounds, so would the resulting corrupt act. Corruption becomes a hobby for such people. Telgi, Harshad Mehta, Ramalingam Raju etc. are golden examples. And what’s worse, if unchecked, a single person can siphon off whole economy. This form of corruption is highly undetectable & even if detected not curable.

So having known the reason, what are the way corruption can be stemmed.

Definitely formula will differ from society to society, since the cause of corruption will be very different. In India where majority of corruption is due to either “hierarchical” nature or “societal obligations”. The former one is what the proposed Lokpal Bill tries to stem. It tries to avoid bribe giving at each step of procedure. It tries to bring into account the unaccounted wealth.

The later one, corruption due to societal reasons are hard to stem, unless we change our so called traditions n customs. Any attempt to curb this will result in cultural clash, which is more of an emotional subject. Let’s just take example of marriages, supposedly biggest dreams of all parents n couples. They want to be as glamorous as it could be and for that money is the need. Right from day-1 of birth, planning of this grand occassion starts. Any deviation from this, will be seen in bad taste & will bring insult to family. One deviating would be seen as a villain to customs, traditions n culture. So, I have hardly any idea how this form of corruption can be stemmed in India. And with no solution in sight, I would be surprised to see corruption coming down despite effective execution of a strong Lokpal bill.

Another example, just go n ask your parents to account income for taxes (which you know they had not done). See their response. I bet majority of the response would be “Son/daughter, because of this only you are standing here n talking. Because of this money only you got best education & now you are teaching me”. End. Such an emotional torture it would be that you are bound to choose stay with corruption. 

So, I am of opinion that corruption in societies like India where all forms of corruption takes place & majority related to emotions, it will be very hard to curb the menace. Yes, with Lokpal, some big ticket corruption cases like 2G, Telgi, Fodder etc. will be avoided, but corruption of medium n small level, mainly done by middle class cannot be avoided. It will be done, for middle class survival. So, with effective Lokpal, what we also need are laws to bring some change in our culture.


Change – The medium by which “LoC” happens December 26, 2011

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Simple example of Law of Conservation

LoC stands for Law of conservation. The most fundamental law governing Universe, as explained in one of my previous blogs.

This thought of mine is continuity of that blog. Having established the governing law, I wonder how is it implemented. And the answer is “CHANGE”. Change, the only constant in Universe. They draw back the sine curve as shown is figure above. If you are at peak of curve, so as per law conservation, you have to go its Nadir point at some point. And the way you go is by Change. Change happen, change in your position. 

So change is the medium by which the governing law gets implemented. So change is inevitable, it is must & so it is the only constant.

– Stars are born and then there are changes in star that happen over billions of years, resulting in its death.  

– We are born, we change to become young, then change to become adult & finally old followed by death.

And then similarly there are trillions of examples, infact everything in n around undergo change, because it has to follow the fundamental law: Law of conservation. Now in life, change is often seen as “something disturbing”, something often not welcomed and this result in “resistance of change” which in turn result in lot of conflicts. Few examples:

– Change brought by globalization is now feared. Countries which are bearing its fruit (of course that will be for just sometime) welcome this, while countries at its receiving end have started resisting it (Greece, Spain etc.). But whatever the policy government bring upon as a resistance to this change, they will end up in losing side, because they will be fighting against that is inevitable.

– Many countries/societies fear & resist over the change brought by introduction of new culture. Examples like banning of Burqa in France n few other European countries, violence over western education in Islam dominated societies, immigration issue in Germany, USA etc. and the daily Newspaper are full of these examples. But again resisting these change is fighting impossible. Change has to happen.

– Grey generation fear the change coming up in younger generation. They worry about so called “cultural deterrence” & terms like “Generation Gap” has surfaced as a result of resistance to this change. But then again it is inevitable. So called Cultural values, ethics, practices, customs etc. has always been fluid & taken their own course against time. Path ofcourse decided as per the supreme law: Law of Conservation.

– In work, senior engineer’s probability of rejection of a new idea proposed by a Junior (younger) Engineer is always high. Reason resistance to change. But then have you ever seen a design static over years. No, because however big is the resistance, change is in-evitable.

– All paths are being explored to avoid man made global warming/climate change. I myself still think of ways to do it. But then when I think of the supreme law (law of conservation) & change as its medium of implementation, I feel defeated. Because as per Law of conservation, Earth has to go through cycle of evolution & destruction. Previously destruction happened via medium of Earthquake, Volcanoes, Ice ages etc. and so may be this time destruction will be through man made pollution, resulting global warming & climate change.

So, Change is the Medium via which the eternal truth: Law of Conservation is implemented. And since Law of Conservation is inevitable, therefore change in evitable. It has to happen. There is no way out of it. One may temporarily avoid change or adopt a change that is not as per greatest law, but in long term, change has to take a path decided by law conservation. It’s just we donot see change in our lifetime, we shift this change to future generation. In religious terms, Law of Conservation is god & change is the way to pray that god.


“Knowing path of success is not the only way to be successful” September 19, 2011

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To be success in a field, one should know paths of success in that field.
But equally important is to know paths of failure as well. So equally important would be to talking to failed people in that field.
So who will be those in various field:
In Gandhigiri: Osama Bin Laden 
About honesty: Mayawati or lalu or Raja.(500/543 MPs will qualify)
About Prime Ministership: Manmohan Singh
About fitness: Indian Cricke players
About cricket: Mohinder Amarnath
Last but not least : About writing blogs & Life: Me, Omprakash
“Knowing path of success is not the only way to be successful, equally important is to know paths of failure”

Weekend Filmostav: Hrishikesh Mukherjee film festival April 10, 2011

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 Weekend: 9th & 10th April,2011Biwi Aur Makan:


IMBD Details :

My Rating: 8.5/10

Category: Comedy

My take: Very good direction, Original storyline. Well supported by good acting (except those of girls). The B&W Comedy is very mind refreshing & often poetic. Donot forward during songs.

Biwi aur makan




My Rating: 6/10

Category: Drama with sacrifice, love & unwanted revenge.

Decent storyline, but bit stretched, especially the part involving character of Ruby Bhatia. I de-rated because of that reason only. Usual trade mark acting by Amitabh, Rakhee & Vinod Mehra. Got some really lovely songs like “yeh kashmir hai” etc.





My Rating: 5/10

Category: Drama intended to spread a social message.

A hypothetical storyline intended to spread a message against suicides. Again a bit stretched with un-necessary involvement of Deven Verma etc. But a good story spreading social message. I felt title bit off, going by the storyline.





My Rating: 7/10

Category: Comedy.

A typical HR movie shot on middle class family of 1970’s Bombay. A good mind refreshing comedy, but bit stretched at end. It looked like HR wanted to emulate success of Golmaal & Chupke Chupke in this movie as well & so ended up stretching a bit more. Anyways a good movie to watch with family n kids, to have a laughter filled weekend.

Rang Birangi




My Rating: 5/10

Category: Comedy.

This is not a HR movie. Directed by Kalidas with Kishore Kumar, Madhubala & Pran in lead roles. I gave a rating high, for the reason it was still early years for Bollywood. I liked the idea of animation, typical acting of Kishore Kumar. The film certainly looked testing ground for Kishore Kumar’s acting & singing. Again at the end bit stretched & title off the storyline.


Famous Quotes of World Cup 2011 April 3, 2011

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While India won the world cup, it had it own share of humor & emotions. Here are few of them:

1) “Only Sreesanth can control Sreesanth” – Dhoni

2) “You embarrass opposition & not your own team”- Dhoni to Sreesanth

3) “Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. Chak de India!” – Virat Kohli after winning WC

4) “Honi to anhoni karde, anhoni ko honi. Ek saath jab jamah ho teeno: Rajni, Ghajini & Dhoni”- AB tweet after WC victory

5) “Can I drop you somewhere?” – Comment on Kamran Akmal for his poor keeping

6) “Sachin ki mata ki jai”- A crazy fan in Bangalore

7) “Paki players buying tons of cream to protect themselves from YUVI rays” – via SMS before Indo-pak semi finals.

8) “Afridi: We won’t allow Sachin to score 100th 100. We will get all out on a score less than 94” – via SMS before Indo-Pak semis

9) Manmohas Singh to Gilani after Pakistan defeat in semis: “Dekh saale isliye bulaya tha. Yeh dikhane ki baap baap hota hai aur beta beta”

10) “They indeed have a large heart, otherwise how can they drop so many catches”- Yuvraj on Afridi’s comment calling India a country with small heart.


World Cup Win: We r d champions

Champions of 2011 CWC


The photos above tells it all, what this is all about. Finally we got it. Finally thirst of 1.2 billion people is quenched. Finally god had its ultimate prasad.Finally a South African wins world cup. Finally home team wins world cup. Finally a century in final goes for a loosing cause. FINALLY INDIA WINS A WORLD CUP AFTER AGES. Finally I saw India winning world cup & so can now die peacefully.

 Congratulations to all Indian cricket fans (=All Indians + some foreigners). But first Congratulations to 1st citizen of this country: Sachin Tendulkar (not president). But won’t have been possible because of certain persons, so my all prayers to them (Courtesy: India TV channel)

















I learnt many things in these 12 hrs:

I guess there is god. The reason:God gives signs of result, it just we need to read it. Like when first innings got over, with SL scoring more than expected 275, many thought India had little chances & so did I. But there god gave me a signal that India will win. And the signal was football. Simultaneaously, MAN-U vs West Ham Utd match was going on. When Manu equlled 2-2 & trailing by 2-0 till 60th minute (& India innings was yet to start), I told my roomie, if MAN-U wins India wins. And see it happened. MAN-U & India both won, after being in back foot. It was rise of phoenix for both.

When it comes to cricket, I guess all Indians are superstitious. And with the win, I am pretty sure, he/she must be thinking, India won because of them. I was obviously one of them, when I didn’t get moved from my place for 3.5 hrs, nor did talk. So were my room-mates. Everybody had their own way of punishing themselves, just to ensure India wins. I am sure many would have stayed hungry all day, many would have remained thirsty all day, many would have drunk all day, many would have left their favorite food, many would have not seen match itself . I am sure there are many Indians, who must have prayed all the time or watched TV in their same dresses as semi final.

There were spectators in stadium who were meditating despite 30,000 shouting crowd. I guess even Gautam Buddha would have applauded this. There was Virat Kohli, who didn’t took out his pads & was standing till end of match. There was another person in dressing room, who had pillow all the time. There was Preity Zinta, who sported same bangles as previous matches.

Following is the proposed answer for question slated to come in 10th class board 2012: ” Bharat ki viswa cup 2011 ki jeet par prasang likhe” (write an essay on India’s win in 2011 CWC):

“2011 CWC final was played between 11 Indian men & 10 Srilankan men+ 1 Mahila, at God’s birth place Mumbai, on auspicious date of 2nd April. Srilanka after winning controversial toss, chose to bat first & thanks to gentlemanship of  Indians, the only Mahila of Sri Lanka was allowed to score a century. As per Indian culture, we are not allowed to attack Mahila. Riding on Mahila century Sri Lanka scored 275 in 50 overs. India were struggling at 31-2, but thanks to youngs guns Gauti & Virat, India bounced back. At end, with help of Captains innings of Dhoni, India won by 5 wickets.”

The WC also saw oppurtunistic people with Poonam Pandey leading the way. I am sure, we gonna see her in some movie very soon. And since it was for BLUE cause, it may even be a blue movie..;-). Next of course are all the news channel who wanted to have their share of TRPs. Next are the newspaper, who have up their prices of 3rd April edition, because many gonna save it, even if they donot read it. Next are the brands, whose brand ambassador are in the winning squad. Last, but not least myself, who posted this article.

Following are the flood of messages I received or created on my own & thought of sharing in this happy occasion:

1) Anhoni ko honi karde. Honi ko anhoni. Ek jagah jab jamaah ho teeno: Rajni, Ghajini aur Dhoni.

2) Breaking news: Diwali ab se har saal, november nahin, balki 2-April ko banayi jayegi. Ram sena demolishes Lanka sena.

3) Why India allowed Jayawadene to score 100. Kyunki Indians Mahila par attack nahin karte.

4) “He carried burden of country for 20 yrs, it was time for us to lend shoulder to him”- well said Virat.

Anyhow INDIA WON & it was happy ending.


Similarity between Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR March 22, 2011

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                                          Ramayan                        Harry Potter                           Lord of the rings
Hero                                   Ram                               Harry Potter                           Frodo
Place                               Ayodhya                     Hogwarts School                     Middle Earth
Villian                               Ravan                              Voldemort                            Sauron
                                              Sita                                  Hermione                               -“may be Smeagol”
                                           Laxman                                Ron                                        Sam
                                          Hanuman                      Dumbledore                              Gandalf

During past one month I saw Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR. And I was stunned to see the similarities between all three of them. All three are legends in their respect. Ramayan is oldest of all three & is a religion for close to 1 billion people. Harry Potter & LOR are recent writings & have huge fan following.

All three have a similar story line: there is an evil that is feared by all & by his croakiness wants to rule whole world. So to destroy the evil, a hero is born & who after lot of struggle finally kills the evil. In all three, evil once was a good character, but eventually gets corrupt under influence of power.

More stunningly, Ramayan & Harry Potter looks to be Xerox copy of each other.
Just like in Ramayan, the hero has to go undergo lot of challenges & fights right from his childhood days & he wins all of them by his wisdom, patience & power.
Just like Ramayan, the hero is always accompanied by two other central characters: one male & other female. Moreover both the novels are named after its main central character.
I often feel, if given same environment & time as Ramayan, Harry Potter also has potential to become a religious text in itself, with its central characters as god.