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Rethink June 5, 2011

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This is a real case study done on two guys in Bangalore over period of years.

There were two guys: Chintu & Mintu (name changed) , who joined on same day in a company working towards green solutions. Coincidentally both had same technical index, same social style index and as a result of this, were always par to par in performance for number of years. One day, both got eligible for interest free car loan from company. Chintu opted for Car loan & so bought a car & started travelling to office by car everyday. Where as Mintu continued to travel in bus facility provided by company. Over period of 3-4 years, it was observed that Chintu performance was declining & Mintu continued to perform as he was. It became a talking point, how two people identical in technical & social style differ so much. Research was done, both of them were interviewed & following plots were drawn, explaining how “Self driving hours” became critical:


Twist in the tale: Ayodhya Case October 1, 2010

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Erstwhile Ayodhya disputed site

Thankful to Source:

Ek verdict, ek verdict, puri country ko band karne ki takat rakhta hai. I guess, that’s one of the reason of being India being incredible. The only countries where this can happen, are its blood relatives like Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Anyways, there is twist in the tail for this Ayodhya temple-mosque case. A litigant, which I want to file. There is actually a third claimant to the disputed land. And interestingly, this claimant is the original owner, rather occupant of this piece of land. Its NATURE, comprising of Neem trees, Banyan trees, Langurs, deers and all other gangetic flora & fauna. These are the original inhabitants of disputed land. Human in form of Aryans or whoever the tribe may be, took forcibly this land from them. They being speechless, there voice is not heard. In fact, there voice has been going unheard for thousands of years and still going unheard all over the globe.

Already, declaring near by forest in Faizabad district as Macaques sanctuary has become an election issue (read TOI dated 29th September, 2010). Why not transfer the disputed land in Ayodhya, also to forest authorities, so that monkeys can get some safe heaven in a concrete jungle. I request WWF or Jairam Ramesh (on behalf of Ministry of forests) or wildlife activists to petition in apex court, claiming land for the original inhabitants. A mid way solution (as generally proposed) for this should be building a zoological park. Anybody filing??


Actually there is another twist. Ever wondered what happens if Rajni saare does excavation at Ayodhya. I have chosen Rajni saaare, for obvious reasons: Laws of physics won’t work. I just found, if he keeps on excavating 26.8N, 82.2 E (Ayodhya coordinates), he will end up somewhere in Texas (26.8N, 97.8W) in USA, between Texas state highway 77 and 281, with nearest habitat being Raymondville (see below picture). For me, this place being related to Ayodhya, is also a disputed site and I would like a file a suit claming this piece of land also. Anybody counselling for me???

26.8N -98W: Disputed land...It has Ayodhya roots..:-)

Disclaimer: Request to US govt, this is snapshot from google map (and not taken from any illegal agency) and is meant for fun and besides fun serves no purpose. So please restrain from drawing unwanted conclusions from the presence of map in the blog..:-). Thanks to Google map from great coordinate tracking map technology.


Save Tiger.. March 27, 2010

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save our tigers



There secured generation ensures security to our generation


Stop Wasting food..wanna Know this September 11, 2009

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Why should not we waste food?

 Courtsey: Down to earth.

Sorry, I think sharing this is more important than copyright of magazine.

Few things, I personally follow to avoid wastage of food:

1) I follow philosophy of  ” staying a bit hungry is better than wasting food”.

2) I can always order second time in restaurants . My personal obersvation has been people order more than what they than gulp, ending up lot of food in restaurant. Just splitting orders, can save lot of food.

3) Marriage are venues, where maximum % of food is wasted. Simple reason, people try to accomodate in one plate all items, more than what they can digest. Simple commonsense during filling of plate will help to save lots of food.

4) I have few items which can be made using leftover food.

I would request users to give more ideas of simple steps & common sense, that can help in avoiding of wastage of food.


GO GREEN… August 21, 2009

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“Go Green…” a buzzword around the around the world, added to lingo the very day human being understood that their way of living is destroying the world. The lingo is gaining popularity with every passing day, which is another day of destruction of earth. But what’s sad to see is its getting used more by tongue and not by hands. We all are just making acts and pacts on “Go Green..”, but not any action.

Samuel’s famous lines “Water Water everywhere…” can be twisted to describe the current scenario: “Acts and pacts everywhere, Action to be seen nowhere”. This is a dilemma with Homo sapiens. Is it by putting green balloons, green plastic ribbons, on “some green day” or “Environment day” or some bla bla day.

Even I am clueless how do I “Go Green”. How do i go with actual concept, rather than Green colored balloons and ribbons and dresses?

How do I????? So one day i just said to myself “A Drop, A Drop makes an ocean”. So I framed rules for myself and also spread among others. I believe “Knowledge is nothing but sharing”….and who actually wants to save Earth from Doomsday, then they should also start taking their small steps.

So what are my rules??

1) First and foremost Trash only in dustbin. Carry my own trash. I try to ensure a zero or close to zero foot travel. Sad to see India is all but a dumping yard. And only neat thing available in India are dustbins.

2) I avoid (yet trying to make it zero) plastics, biscuits, chips. Because a common sense calculation shows that for producing 50 gms of biscuits, equal amount of OIL is needed to bring it in a form, that comes to me. I am stressing myself on eating locally made food.

3) I have my definition of walk able distance and walk whenever I go these places.

4) I try as much as Public transport as much possible. (People question my commitment towards my cause, since i drive long distance in bikes, that too alone. Yes, they are correct, i am still to be 100% committed. But I finding it hard to go away with my only passion I am living with, after all i am a Human Being. But surely, some day it will go off).

5) I obey Forest rules by spirit and letter. Now, one must be wondering how does that help. It helps because the earth getting doomed includes all those billion other species, which we have forgotten that they too are our neighbors and owners of earth. Avoid honking in roads through forests; maintain silence during night camps, zero disturbances to other species and whatever is written in Forest rulebook.

6) Save electricity and water in homes.

7) No fish, shrimp or any Non-Veg food. Eating habits had been major reason of extinction of many species. SAD. I know it must be harsh on meat lovers, but I cannot refrain from fact. I would rather suggest meat lovers to make their decisions judiciously.

8) Last but not least I spread message and ask people to take whatever small steps they can take.

Few more which i plan, but yet to implement:

1) Gifting tree pots. I gifted myself one. Will soon publish out how much off set was their in my footprint with this.

2) Exploring ways of living a life like an Indian villager or at least like my father, who is having a very less carbon foot print that I have.

To conclude, I do see my foot print decreasing with passing months, with these small steps. Now I need to find out a way to keep my statistics.


Readers, if you have any more suggestions or best practices,  please let me know.”KNOWLEDGE IS ….WHAT IS SHARED”


Homo Sapiens aka TERRORIST January 18, 2009

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  Yes, you are reading it correct, you, me & whole human community are TERRORISTS. How???

For that we need to know definition of TERRORISM. Currently the definition as widely known, is limited to killing of human beings by human beings, i.e those who kill innocent people are terrorists or in other words any harm to human society is an act of terrorism. But i disagree, why should it be limited to killing of human beings. Terrorism is an act where someone harms someone, without giving anything in return. Now second part of definiton is important, & this is the reason why furious side of nature, wildlife, do not come in bracket of  Terrorists.

Coming back to first part of definition everyone harms….nature causes lot of harms through floods, earthquake etc., the one at pinacle of food chain kills the one under it and so on. But they are not terrorists, because those acts have a purpose & give something vital in return. Its just a give & take scenario. Like flood brings much needed nutrients, predators ensures health of food chain is maintained etc. So these acts of harm have a good side in return.

Now lets apply the definition to human beings. Everybody knows the harm we have done to earth, especially in last two centuaries and ironically we continue to do as bad it can be. Just few of the statistics:

1) In 8000 BC, earth had 4200 million hectares….now its just 187 million hectares…and declining. Just how much killing we have done.

2) In 1960s, there were 3 million elephants in wild, now its just 65000. Just imagine how much blood is tainted in our hands.

3) In 1900, India had ~1,00,000 tigers in wild. In 1960, it was down to 4000 & recent reports shows its just ~1200. Just how much blood shed has happened even for top predator of earth. How much quenched we are in blood.

4) The below graph shows, more horror terror crimes humans have done, which have not spared even the marine species.

wild sea fishes on rapid decline...very soon because of extensive consumption now, they will be off menus for our very next generation

wild sea fishes on rapid decline...very soon because of extensive consumption now, they will be off menus for our very next generation


This is just 2 statistics from billions available.

Now i won’t write anything…..the following pictures will explain all:

Terror in Borneo Jungles

Chemical terror on Atmosphere

Chemical terror on Atmosphere












The terror victims

The terror victims










 Another victim of chemical terror









CO2 emission, SO2

WMD used: CO2 emission, SO2


Effect of Human terror on Coral Reef

Effect of Human terror on Coral Reef

















Now read this from Wikipaedia:

Main article: Holocene extinction event
Further information: Deforestation
According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York’s American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70 percent believed that they were currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction,[22] known as the Holocene extinction event. In that survey, the same proportion of respondents agreed with the prediction that up to 20 percent of all living populations could become extinct within 30 years (by 2028). Biologist E. O. Wilson estimated [5] in 2002 that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all species of life on earth will be extinct in 100 years.[23] More significantly the rate of species extinctions at present is estimated at 100 to 1000 times “background” or average extinction rates in the evolutionary time scale of planet Earth.[24]

  The above lines especially the ones, clearly shows how big murderers we are. The present 
  rate of extinction are compared with the previous five periods of natural extinction, that has taken place in Earth’s
 Now while harming all its co-habitants, is human giving anything in return???? We all know its a big NO.
 So the killing, the harm the human race is causing is un precedented & is irreversible. Unless we act & clean up our SINS…….day is not far…when earth will succumb to this terror.
So who will start : FIGHT AGAINST THIS TERROR.

humor ..but a fact

humor ..but a fact


पेड़ हो गए कम क्यों ??? January 14, 2009

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I am sure you must have heard these lines, if you are a bollywood music fan. Yes, you are right these are lines from inaugural song of movie “ROCK ON”. But did you do the assignment it asked, in the very next line of the song….” SOCHA HAI KABHI…..”, “सोचा है कभी …”. I did and this is my answer to this.

To start with heres a newspaper headlines…” of the poorest region of Asia“. For your KBK is nothing but “Kalahandi, Bolangir & Koraput” districts of west Orissa, predominantly inhabitated by tribal people. Now why its called “poor”…because it is “UNDEVELOPED”….which means it doesnot satisfy the criterias of being a developed region, which are as follow:-

1) They didn’t learn the prescribed courses. So they can’t speak & write in English.

2) They donot live in well furnished A/C villas…ok let me lessen it to Apartments.

3) They still rely on Cows as means of transport, rather than fuel guzzling cars & bikes.

4) They still rely on “Barter system”…..rather than plastic Card transaction.

5) They donot travel in Airlines….and neither boasts of an Airport.

6) They donot go on holidays to international destinations.

7) They are not consume FMCGs’ infinite products and electronic gadgets.

8- They donot boasts of big industrial plants, which would throw all shit everywhere.

9) They still dine in earthen utensils, rather in Tajs, Hiltons…ok smaller ones like McD, KFC.

10) Lastly, the region is still forested.

So what does one conclude from this “DASVIDANIYAN”. A person is said to be developed when he/she is a ferocious consumers, gulping anything produced or manufactured & that too in the most luxurious manner. Now lets extrapolate it to the scale of a Nation: A country will be developed if its citizens are a “Black hole” for all sorts of material, if all parts of the country are accessible by fastest means of rail, road & air traffic. So whats the cost to achieve all these criteria, you got to draw each drop of available blood of nature…in form of tress, mines, land, water..and the list runs very long.

So there we come to the answer of song : to be a developed nation, we are in path of satisfying all DASVIDANIYAN. And the cost we are paying is, irreversible damage to only inhabitant place in universe.

So whats my point: Am i cursing all humanity?????????????No not at all….all i am saying is our definition of “Developed economy” is completely wrong. And since theres only one definiton available (Western Economy as developed economy)….we having blindly accepted that definition, instead of custom making our own definiton. If world wants to see itself healthy & alive after next 5 decades, it got to…and i am saying it got to change this definiton…….otherwise the phrase “LONG LIVE EARTH” will come to life.