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Cartoons October 20, 2010


Advani Visarjan-13thSeptember-2013: On eve Narendra Modi declared BJP's PM candidate for 2014 elections



Santuaries in Indian sub-continent

Finally “Sand dune in Egypt” unmoved for 3 decades crumbling under people power

Harvard in recession: To attract more of Tatas and Mahindras

 This is an imaginary situation in Harvard campus. Badly hit by recession, donation from US alma mater has dried up. So to attract donors, they applied their own developed theory of globalisation 🙂

Photo credit:

Distance to Destination- My heart

Something is missing: LOVE in my dictionary

Chasing Happiness

2B $ grant of US to Pakistan

BTW: This is not true News

After wanted : GF to BF

CWG effect

Ulta chor, chor ko daate

Heights of frustation

That’s how companies survived recession

By avoiding air, train..guess how much he had saved for India & Congress

KKR debacle in IPL

KKR debacle in IPL-2

Why Murtaza didn’t play at all?

SRK recruiting anyone to change fortunes of KKR, but only to fail

Mad rise in stock exchange after UPA won 2009 election


One Response to “Cartoons”

  1. Bhupendrasinh Thakre Says:

    Art on Dr. Manmohan Singh is despicable Om…
    Kindly try to remove if it is under your control…We are not US…

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