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A weekend trip to Alibag & Kashid…2nd & 3rd Feb 2013 February 5, 2013

Matru ka mandola at Kashid Beach

Matru ka mandola at Kashid Beach

Alibag is fort cum sea destination, just ~70 kms from Navi Mumbai’s Airoli. It is Mumbaikar’s THE destination for the weekend & holiday’s.

Kashid is again a sleepy, but beautiful beach town further south of Alibag & is perfect for a peaceful weekend.


Route (1): Mumbai or Navi Mumbai- Vashi- palm beach road-hit JNPT road (Uran Road)- Chimer- NH-17-Pen- Vadhkhal- (Alibag road) Poinad- Alibag-Kurul- Nagaon-Revdanda-Wandeli-Kashid

Approx driving time: 2/2.5 hours. Toll: two times: Rs 25+15

Alternate route (2): Mumab/Navi Mumbai- Thane Belapur road- Panvel expressway- Nh-17- Pen- Vadhkhal- (Alibag road) Poinad- Alibag-Kurul- Nagaon-Revdanda-Wandeli-Kashid

Approx driving time: 2.5/3 hrs Toll: Rs 25 + 15

Navi Mumbai to Alibag-Kashid

Navi Mumbai to Alibag-Kashid

Route-2 will have traffic for most of the part, so route-1 is a preferred route, as traffic will be least with some descent quality of roads, only exception being the 17kms stretch of NH-17, which frequently have traffic jams.

But for route-1, you need Google map app in your phone for guidance (or need to ask localites : very few in numbers), as there is hardly any civilisation is some 30 Kms stretch. Also guide boards are missing in critical junctions.

For route-1, it’s better to get all necessary supplies like water, light snacks & fuel for vehicle.

 Best & the most convenient way is own personal vehicle. Road is quite good for a bike trip as well.

– Public transport (buses) is few & not the best for a holiday mood. Trains are there only till Pen & so from there one has to hire taxi.

What to take along with you?

– Bathing/swimming costumes (with spares) for sea bath.

– Ball, volleyball, football for sea sports.

– Sun screen lotion for beauty conscious people

– Sunglasses, cap for style.

– Polythene for carrying wet clothes or saving valuable from getting wet.

– Extra polythene (in good numbers) to segregate your garbage

– Camera, money & some vacation spirit.


A sleepy town which gets hyperactive on weekends & holidays because of tourist traffic coming from Mumbai & Pune. There are two main attractions of the town: beach famous for sun set & fort which stands in middle of sea, but still is quite accessible by foot. Many Bollywood films have been shot here.

There are quite a number of hotels & resorts, but booking in peak season (& extended weekends) starts months before.

Facility available:

– Town has all that would be a needed a tourist town, but all in short supply.

– ATM, restaurants, hotels are there. Sanman restaurant is famous for local Malwani cuisine (fish is staple food)

– Public toilet & bathing facility is absent in beach

 What to do in town?

– It’s good for a day trip. Besides beach walk, one may enjoy a horse ride on beach (Rs 100 per person on sharing basis)

– Sunset is what Alibag is most visited for. So beach is crowded in evening.

– It has got few water sports option, but it’s not worth.

– In low tides, beach recess by some 2 kms, leaving wet solid sand, with photogenic sand patterns. This is when one can walk to fort Colaba.

– Fort Colaba is some 400 years old fort built by Marathas to defend against enemies coming from sea. It is some 1 km inside the sea & is assessable bare foot or by horse ride during low tides. The fort is worth spending few hours.

– Alibag beach water is not for bathing, first because of pollution & second because it is very silent. The sea got hardly any powerful waves coming.

– Magnetic observatory (2 kms from beach) is another place to visit, if time permits.

– If want to get away from crowded Alibag beach, just head north or south wards & you will get less crowded sea shore.

– Eat in Sanman restaurant, famous for Malwani cuisine. For non-vegetarians, sea food is must here.

 Alibag-Kashid stretch:

– Explore Revdanda fort

– Korlai fort

– Wandeli beach


Rocky part of Kashid Beach

Rocky part of Kashid Beach

– Just head 32 kms south of Alibag & you get a beautiful & very pleasant Kashid beach.

– The Alibag to Kashid stretch is dotted with sea resorts & sea facing hotels. Roads is descent, but only when it is not crowded.

– Kashid also gets filled up in weekends & holiday season. So booking in advance is good.

– Kashid has got relatively more options (& better) for stay, compared to Alibag, so it is better to do a night halt in Kashid, rather in Alibag.

– ATM is rare & credit cards mostly un-acceptable for obvious reasons.

– There are many beaches in Kashid & one can easily avoid the more crowded beach. The best one is one near Kashid Beach villa.

– We stayed in Sai krupa guest house (rating: 5/5), near Kashid beach Villa. It was neat & clean with excellent home-made food & service. They charged Rs 1200 for 5 people in one big room. It has got parking, hot water & eating facility. 

Hotel Sai krupa, Kashid

Hotel Sai krupa, Kashid

What to do in Kashid?

– Water sports, Bullock ride (Rs 100), Camel ride(Rs 100), Horse ride(Rs 100)…it’s all there on menu.

– Water sports like water bike, Banana ride (150per person) etc. are available.

– Dirt bikes are also available.

– Do Bargain all these sports & rides.

– Eat on local Malwani cuisine & sea food.

Further south of Kashid, is another beach resort called Murud, whose details will be given, once I visit. So till then happy vacation & safe journey.

OUR TRIP (2nd & 3rd Feb-2013):

Who all: Me, Manish, Ganesh, Abanish & Shivraju.

In? : Ganesh’s horse: Tata Indica

Trip Meter: ~250 kms.

Driving time: Saturday-4:00 pm to 6:30 pm: to reach Alibag. Then 8pm to 9:15 pm to reach Kashid.

– Night halt in Kashid (Hotel Sai krupa near Kashid beach Villa)

– Ate (not me) some mouth watering fish (Pomplet & kasturi) & Malwani thali.

– Next day played Beach volleyball (rented ball for Rs 50 per hour) for 3 hours & then bathing. The beach was neat & clean with relatively calm sea waves. Biggest advantage, it was less crowded & so very peaceful & neat.

– Lunched again on Malwani thali & started towards Mumbai by 2:30 PM. Reached our destination in Airoli by 5:30PM.

– Overall it was a very relaxing weekend with friends, with only one regret: I couldn’t avoid littering by my friends.

– Overall 8/10 to this vacation (would have been 10/10 had we not done littering). THANKS YOU friends, wish such more in future.

The troupe relaxing in Kashid

The troupe relaxing in Kashid


 1) Alibag is getting dirtier n dirtier because of our Littering habits. Please avoid littering. Segregate & use dustbin.

2) Roads are narrow with frequent patches, so drive responsibly

3) Boozing is okay, until you are on your own. Littering after boozing, creating nuisance is not a sign of a civilized person. Please avoid. It is a big problem in whole of this stretch.

4) Please respect local food, customs & traditions.



2 Responses to “A weekend trip to Alibag & Kashid…2nd & 3rd Feb 2013”

  1. Yomesh Says:

    Hey… great travelogue… crisp and loaded with Info… in fact a group of my friends are also planning a weekend trip to alibag… and was searching routes to bypass panvel traffic… was looking at Khopoli-pen as an option and then stumbled upon your t’log… just needed one clarification… how is the overall road quality from palmbeach road to pen via chimer… especially the rural road that starts from Uran Highway.

    • omus Says:

      Recommend to take uran road instead of panvel highway…. Road is good with zero traffic… Only do take gps device… As people r few to guide … & many ll send u back to panvel highway

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