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BARFI September 20, 2012 time must watch movie

My Verdict: 7.5/10. One time must watch. People with Romantic taste buds will definitely give higher rating.

My take:

– BARFI action is heavely influenced by “Charlie Chaplin” acts. Also few of the comedy themes are directly taken from Chrlie Chaplin series. The set is heavily influenced by “Sawariya” movie, with lot of Blue & Black background. With some thrill of Bengali novel, adding emotional drawbacks of being dumb n deaf + romance angle + well direction, makes a superb movie to watch.

– So it took: Acts from Charlie Chaplin & movie BLACK, some background of SAWARIYA, some Bengali novel thrill with seasoning of good direction in making of a sweet movie BARFI.

– Ranbir Kapoor, as usual was 10/10 on acting. With diversity of roles already done, I am sure my conviction of him being next “Big B” will come true.

– Priyanka Chopra & debutant Ileana D Cruz were also great.

– It is very well directed movie by Anurag Basu. Although with lot of to n fro between past n present, all facts were well connected, very un-typical of a bollywood movie. Most of the times in a thriller Bollywood movie, lot of gaps remains & facts remain unconnected, but BARFI certainly is an exception.

– Movie beside borrowing from other inspirations, too has many Innovations: like very start address to audience of theatre, use of railway track & so on.

OVERALL, a must watch movie. Although, I personally won’t go second time to theatre to watch it, but would definitely wait for it’s WORLD TV PREMIERE 😉


4 Responses to “BARFI”

  1. rabindra Says:

    I am sure you would have rated it as boring had you seen it before 27th Jan’ 2012.

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