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“Being Cool” Equation February 26, 2012

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Another topic from my observations of my immediate surrounding for past 12 years. Since 2000, I remain in contact with external world more than my family world. I became a complete nomad since 2002, the year I joined engineering college hostel. Since then by biggest observation is the people always try to become or try to prove, they are “COOL”. I don’t know why, but that is what is trend & since then I have made notes of the various ways they become (or pretend to become one).

Below is the equation I came up with my observation over 10 years. Equation on how to prove or show you are cool. The equation is a reminder that we are living in “Kalyug”, while right is wrong & wrong is right. So, upcoming “cool guys” here’s the mathematical help for you to be cool.

By the way, the equation is more for Indian guys, as I have been exposed mostly to them. But still some of the terms of equation holds true universally (validated during my trips abroad…although sample is very small).

How to be Cool?


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