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Sivanasamudra- 1st September,2011 September 10, 2011

Troop at GaganChukki Falls

Place: Sivanasamudra, Mandya district, Karnataka.

Speciality: Gaganchukki Waterfall, Bharachukki waterfall (15 Kms upstream of GaganChukki), Cauvery River bank (4Kms upstream of Gaganchukki waterfall).

Other attractions: Coracal boating, Dargah (near Bharachukki waterfall). Dam downstream (On way from Gaganchukki to Bharachukki waterfall)

Other fact: This is Asia’s first hydro-electric power plant, built in 1903. Interestingly, the plant runs on GE turbine.

When to go? Highly recommended during monsoon. but taking bath in moonsoon can be dangerous

How to reach: 1) Regular bus ply from Bangalore, Mysore. 140 Kms from Bangalore, 85 Kms from Mysore. Nearest rail station is Maddur. Best way is to go in your own vehicle.

Route: a) Bangalore- (NH-209) Kanakpura – Malavali- Sivanasamudram [130 Kms]..recommended. When we went road was very good.

Bangalore to sivasamudra

b) Bangalore- Kengeri-Ramnagara- Maddur-(left turn to get off Mysore road)- Malavali- Sivasamudram. For un-known reason people go via this route mainly. But road ranges from bad to worse.

Facility: Few petrol pump on NH-209, so better fill up your tanks. No ATM. Limited fooding facility (mostly snacks). There is one KSTDC hotel in Gaganchukki falls. No “enclosed” toilet facility.

From my last visit, I observed good infrastructure improvement of the place (good to c govt doing something) and improvement is still going on. Cemented staircase with railing support goes to bottom of Bharrachukki waterfall. Cooking facility, cloth changing facility etc. have been provided. Lot of dust-bins are also provided, please use those.

Recommendation: Eat at Sanjay Dhaba (only eating place we found on NH-209: Bangalore-Malvalli route). The place is 60Kms from Bangalore. We had very late lunch there. Food + Drinks + Service were all up-to mark, at reasonable price. My rating: 8/10

Other near by areas: Cauvery fishing camp, Talakad, Sangam, Ramnagara.

I recommend to club Ramnagara & Sivasamudram, to make it a 1 day memorable get away from Bangalore or Mysore.

Request: Please use dust-bins or carry away your own trash. Although govt. is providing some basic infrastructure, but it is upto us tourists to maintain sanctity of the place.

Gaganchukki Waterfalls

Bharachukki Falls

sivasamudra postcard


2 Responses to “Sivanasamudra- 1st September,2011”

  1. Crappy Duck Says:

    Great post, incredible pics, splendid nature, fabulous day!

  2. Amazing waterfall. Never seen one like this. Thanks for sharing

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