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Rethink June 5, 2011

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This is a real case study done on two guys in Bangalore over period of years.

There were two guys: Chintu & Mintu (name changed) , who joined on same day in a company working towards green solutions. Coincidentally both had same technical index, same social style index and as a result of this, were always par to par in performance for number of years. One day, both got eligible for interest free car loan from company. Chintu opted for Car loan & so bought a car & started travelling to office by car everyday. Where as Mintu continued to travel in bus facility provided by company. Over period of 3-4 years, it was observed that Chintu performance was declining & Mintu continued to perform as he was. It became a talking point, how two people identical in technical & social style differ so much. Research was done, both of them were interviewed & following plots were drawn, explaining how “Self driving hours” became critical: