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Misconception May 29, 2011

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It was Sunday & being un-employed after office hours, I went to most happening place in Bangalore: a MALL. After getting tired of window shopping, I just sat down on an empty chair. Suddenly in the crowd, my eye caught a couple (both in early 20’s) standing right opposite to me. The lady was pretty & I felt “Lust/Love at first sight“. I started imagining myself in the place of the actual guy. “My self in blue denim & white shirt and she in a saree, holding her hand…Holding her hand”. With this thought, I saw the couple actually holding each other palm. Temperature of my blood started increasing. I started seeing it more furiously, as if that’s the only left in this world to be seen. Suddenly, I saw girl trying to free her palm from his, but he is not letting it. She is trying, trying but all in vain. It happened for quite some time, 1 min, 2 mins….5 mins. The rising temperature of blood was close to boiling point. I moved my fierce eyes from their nuptial “like” knot to her eyes. I saw pain in her eyes, I saw desperation to free herself, I saw the dark spots below her eyes telling her painful stories. Her eyes suddenly looked me. She was crying for help, she was calling me….. I couldn’t bear this. Why is guy not letting her go, She is not loving him? Let her choose the one she likes. She likes ME ME ME….I stood up, jogged & reached down to them. My boiling blood just rushed out as words from mouth: “JUST LEAVE HERRR…..”. Both looked at me in awe & Guy returned to her saying: “I told you, your wound is getting people’s attention: Just show me your hand”. Quitely, I went out of the scene & dissolved myself in the crowd.

They say LOVE/LUST is Blind & I realised how true it is. You see what you want to see. You hear, what you want to hear. You believe, what you think is true.


One Response to “Misconception”

  1. Aakanksha Says:

    So… dumb!!!… It was a mere waste of time reading this blog…. Please remove this blog.. else it spoils all the craze we guys hv 4 ur blogging… 😦

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