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Similarity between Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR March 22, 2011

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                                          Ramayan                        Harry Potter                           Lord of the rings
Hero                                   Ram                               Harry Potter                           Frodo
Place                               Ayodhya                     Hogwarts School                     Middle Earth
Villian                               Ravan                              Voldemort                            Sauron
                                              Sita                                  Hermione                               -“may be Smeagol”
                                           Laxman                                Ron                                        Sam
                                          Hanuman                      Dumbledore                              Gandalf

During past one month I saw Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR. And I was stunned to see the similarities between all three of them. All three are legends in their respect. Ramayan is oldest of all three & is a religion for close to 1 billion people. Harry Potter & LOR are recent writings & have huge fan following.

All three have a similar story line: there is an evil that is feared by all & by his croakiness wants to rule whole world. So to destroy the evil, a hero is born & who after lot of struggle finally kills the evil. In all three, evil once was a good character, but eventually gets corrupt under influence of power.

More stunningly, Ramayan & Harry Potter looks to be Xerox copy of each other.
Just like in Ramayan, the hero has to go undergo lot of challenges & fights right from his childhood days & he wins all of them by his wisdom, patience & power.
Just like Ramayan, the hero is always accompanied by two other central characters: one male & other female. Moreover both the novels are named after its main central character.
I often feel, if given same environment & time as Ramayan, Harry Potter also has potential to become a religious text in itself, with its central characters as god.


2 Responses to “Similarity between Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR”

  1. Mahesh CR Says:

    Glad to see another person get this similarity. Joseph Campbell, the mythologist, calls such mythical stories manifestations of many archetypes that reflect the human condition and its struggle to discover meaning.

    There is an old post[1] of mine where I ruminate on what the phenomenon of Harry Potter means. Take a look when you have time.


  2. Ashish Mall Says:

    Possibly all superhero movies, bollywood Manmohan Desai’s movies are likewise….win of good over evil……

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