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Similarity between Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR March 22, 2011

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                                          Ramayan                        Harry Potter                           Lord of the rings
Hero                                   Ram                               Harry Potter                           Frodo
Place                               Ayodhya                     Hogwarts School                     Middle Earth
Villian                               Ravan                              Voldemort                            Sauron
                                              Sita                                  Hermione                               -“may be Smeagol”
                                           Laxman                                Ron                                        Sam
                                          Hanuman                      Dumbledore                              Gandalf

During past one month I saw Ramayan, Harry Potter & LOR. And I was stunned to see the similarities between all three of them. All three are legends in their respect. Ramayan is oldest of all three & is a religion for close to 1 billion people. Harry Potter & LOR are recent writings & have huge fan following.

All three have a similar story line: there is an evil that is feared by all & by his croakiness wants to rule whole world. So to destroy the evil, a hero is born & who after lot of struggle finally kills the evil. In all three, evil once was a good character, but eventually gets corrupt under influence of power.

More stunningly, Ramayan & Harry Potter looks to be Xerox copy of each other.
Just like in Ramayan, the hero has to go undergo lot of challenges & fights right from his childhood days & he wins all of them by his wisdom, patience & power.
Just like Ramayan, the hero is always accompanied by two other central characters: one male & other female. Moreover both the novels are named after its main central character.
I often feel, if given same environment & time as Ramayan, Harry Potter also has potential to become a religious text in itself, with its central characters as god.