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Fire & Freeze February 3, 2011

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“Have you ever had an unforgettably magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Tell us your story to win awesome cash prizes!”— Copied from IndiBlogger website, where they are running a contest “FIRE & FREEZE“. Following article is submitted for the mentioned contest. If you like, do vote, else do suggest for improvement.


Multi Split personality will have more “Fire n freeze” moments in their life. I think I am one example of that.


The moment I read about the “Fire & Freeze” contest in IndiBlogger, there was flood of thoughts in my mind. All my life history, flew by my closed eyes. And so also the lead character of Ghajini, who suffers from Split personality disorder. I think, unknowingly (medically yet to be proved), I am also suffering from same & so has more instances in life, that could comfortable qualify for  “Fire n freeze” moments.

All the following feelings fits to the context of the contest:

– Moment, when I was Happy & sad. [August 7th 2002: My first day in College, rather Hostel]

– Moment, when I was contend yet thirsty. [3rd June,2000: When my 10th results were out]

– Moment, when I was satisfied, yet unsatisfied. [When I was recognised for a job, which I personally thought I didn’t do well]

– Moment, when I smiled & cried at the same time. [May 2006: Last day in College/Hostel: When there was sadness to leave friends, but happiness to venture in another life to meet more new friends]

– Moment, when I had feeling of fear & courage at the same time. [Dec 2006: My first long trip (in car), Jan 2007: My first long bike trip]

– There are many instances when calmness & restlessness ruled my mind at the same time.

– Instances when I thought by my mind, but listened to my heart.

– Instances when I told some lies, to prove my truthfulness. There was instances of reverse as well.

So in short, there are many instances of so called “Fire n freeze” moments in my life & all share equal importance & significance. Moreover, suffering from “Split personality disorder“, I think I react in many ways to same incident & so all incidents are kind of “fire n freeze” for me.

Also as per my self professed theory of “Law of conservation“, of which I had written in one of previous blog post, incidents in life are bound to be kind of “fire n freeze”. In case you want to know about this axiom:


5 Responses to “Fire & Freeze”

  1. Rahul Says:

    looks nice but very raw.. definitely need some improvement, but i am not d right person who can tell what ..

  2. rabindra Says:

    Every situation we human face, gives us an opportunity to choose between at least two options. Sometimes the decisions are easy to make and sometimes not so easy. When we take the decisions quickly (which are easier) most of the time the matter is considered to be trivial in our course of life. While the difficult decisions comes with an inherent risk of loosing something/someone precious at the cost of gaining something new. In certain cases, we take the risk because we are expected to or rather we should take the risk. While in other situations not taking the risk seems an equally good option. These are the situations we feel two opposite emotions. Most of the time we don’t choose just for the fear of the unknown.
    (I dont know what i have cribbled how much it make sense or relevant to ur topic)

    • omus Says:

      It is a “fire n freeze” moment..& I wrote n deleted..just some unknown reason…may be this is in itself a “fire n freeze” moment..;-)

  3. Ashish Mall Says:

    Very materialistic….seems giving an interview.

  4. Romeo Das Says:

    Beautifully written. Enjoyed my stay here 🙂

    Hope you enjoy reading my post too –
    To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

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