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Muthyala Maduvu – Pearl valley,Bangalore November 15, 2010

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Waterfall- Pearl Valley


Muthyalu Maduvu is actual local name and pearl valley, it seem is dubbed by “yo” public of Bangalore. So very few local people know about Pearl valley. Whenever lost or need help in direction, ask for Muthyalu Maduvu.

Where: Its 30KMs from Silk Board junction, Bangalore. Its extension of Bannerghata National park.

Supposedly welcome board

Known for: A small, indeed very small non-perennial water fall. The water when falls on rocks, bursts into smaller droplets, which supposedly

My early morning company

resembles pearls and hence the name pearl valley came. Its for sure an imagination of some techy of Bangalore..;-) or may be I donot have those eyes, to view that art.

In general, more than waterfall, I liked the silence of the place, far away from hustle n bustle of Bangalore. Its the nearest place to Bangalore, where can find some peace of mind. But for that, one has to go in a perfect day n perfect time. I was unlucky in first attempt, 4 yrs back , when I reached there in afternoon only to find crowd. But in 2nd attempt, thats on 14th November,2010, I was lucky.

So best time to visit this place is on a cloudy day, very early in morning. We reached there, when first rays of sun were hitting the H2O of waterfall. We were the only visitors to the place, besides some sparrows and monkeys. The weather was just perfect, with sun rays trying to beat the chillness of fog n dew.

Route: Best guide for one in google map and there are 3 possible routes. The one we took is:

Silk Board- Electronic City- Attibele- Anekal- Pearl Valley. Roads are okay (average spped: 40-50kms/hr)

Route we took: Silk Board-Attibele-Anekal-Pearl valley

From Anekal bus stand, pearl valley is exactly 3.5 KMs. So, first reach Anekal bus stand and from there pearl valley.

Route via Hosur and SH-87 to reach Anekal is best, but is long (55KMs), for obvious reason, as travel is Karnataka-Tamil Nadu-Karnataka 😉

Best way to go by personal transport or by KSRTC bus. Autos from Anekal can also be hired.

1st Warning: There is no sign board to guide to place, so either take details from Google map or keep asking locals for Muthyala Maduvu.

2nd Warning: Way back in 2006, there were some trees and hints of forest, but now all’s converted to farms. And I am sure, in 10 years, farms will give way to villas and apartment, as burgeoning Bangalore will gobble up the place (Its just 10 kms away). So, hurry if you want to have last experience of the place. Already illegal mining has taken its toll, with water loose soil flowing down to water and making it very dirty.

3rd Warning: The place is littered like anything. Chips packets, alcohol bottles, left over of parties etc. can be found all over the place. The waterfall has a stink of a toilet. So, visitors please please be wary of your action. If you cannot clean, at least donot make it dirty, Please have some respect for dying place. Donot visit, if you cannot avoid trashing and cannot use the available man-made toilet facility.

Facility available: Parking place, a KSTDC restaurant, whose open sky restaurant provides best views  of the place. Restaurant opens only after 11AM. There is a toilet facility, but that also opens after 9AM. Besides that, please carry your own stuff and take back your trash.

Recommended to go with zero expectations, on a cloudy day and when want badly a small break from Bangalore with no options left. Go very early morning to get best of the place. Good place for friends group to have a relaxed gossip.

I again request, please please have some respect for the place. Please donot trash, come back with zero footprint over the place. HAPPY n SAFE JOURNEY.


Other routes to pearl valley. One is via Bannerghata road.

Via Hosur: Although long, but has good roads to drive.


temple opposite to fall


Erstwhile 10 yrs will be villas n apartments

270 odd steps taking down to water fall.

Our bikes parked infront of "Mayura Nisarga Restaurant"

Please no "Humaning" around. Be civilised like him. Donot trash.


12 Responses to “Muthyala Maduvu – Pearl valley,Bangalore”

  1. kiran H P Says:

    a very goood information with valuable suggestion

  2. swets Says:

    ha ha ha 🙂 :)..

    thats a good punch line…
    ill here on use to my colleagues instead of ” monkeying around”..

  3. Shiva kumar IV Says:

    Very good info online. Thanx 4 d guidelines. And definilitely we wont litter the place. We will enjoy the beauty of nature
    without making the place dirty.

    Thanx Best Regards,

    Shiva kumar I V

  4. Shiva kumar IV Says:

    thanks once again

  5. uday Says:

    very good place

  6. anjan Says:

    am planning to go to pearl valley (muthyala maduvu) this coming weekend. so pls can anybody suggest me dat can i see the waterfall or is this the time to reach out there ??

    • omus Says:

      water is there only when it rains…as written donot expect it to be somethign majestic…it’s just a water stream which accidently is being called a waterfall.

  7. chandru Says:

    really nice place

  8. suresh Says:


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