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Law of conservation & Bhagwad Gita November 5, 2010

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I am having my lessons of Bhagwad Gita (BG) and one of the constant learning from it is: ” Soul never dies. It just transforms from one body to another. Soul can neither be created nor destroyed“. The second line of creation & detruction sounded very familiar to me & after pressurising my brain for some time, I found its similarity to “Law of conservation of mass”. Then I thought, how the hell,then population is growing, I mean,how new bodies are finding soul for themselves. Human population has grown from 2 billion to 6.5 billion in past century, which translates into growth of souls even. This increase in number of souls, made me to question Bhagwad Gita.

But Hindu in me, was not ready to accept that Bhagwad Gita is wrong. It is supposed to be the most relevant & true document of Kalyug. With further lessons, I got my answer from Bhagwad Gita (BG) itself. BG says soul is there in everything, living & non-living. Soul is there in insect currently crawling in my Tee, Soul is there is dust decorating my pant, Soul is there in tree in my garden which is about to be slaughtered, Soul is there in my bike..soul is here n there, everywhere.So when we kill an animal, root out a tree, its soul will trasfer into something else again. And this is my answer to the question of “How ever increasing human population find new souls for them?”. It also answers many other questions. Like, why with increasing human population, forest cover is decreasing, more animal species are verge of extinction. And why my grand mother used to tell me “if you do mischief, you will take birth of a dog in next birth”. She was just referring to Law of conservation of soul, where it travels from Human body to a dog.

So with this I had many important learnings from BG:

1) “Law of conservation” is ultimate axiom. Its extension is nothing but “A coin always has two sides”. An event, big or small in your life always has dual effect. You may feel just one, but be sure, the other part will appear in sme other form.

2) Never question superstition. It always has some scientific background, if we take a deep dive in it. It is indeed our inability to take deep dive or see the big picture behind it, that makes us to criticize those.

3) Destruction of other living & non-living creatures will continue, till the day human population grows, because demand of souls has to be met somewhere, as soul can be neither be created or destroyed. It can just be transferred from one body to another.

4) BG has indeed solution to all our problems. Its just we have to keep our senses: open & receiptive.


3 Responses to “Law of conservation & Bhagwad Gita”

  1. bhagyareema Says:

    Very true, Bhagvad Gita indeed has all the answers.
    Very well written
    Aapke aur hamare khayal vakayi mein milte hain

  2. AJ Says:

    ‘logic’ is a prostitute, it can be with both sides of the argument and everyone is free to use it as to conclude what they want!

    No probs with BG, only with the shallow reasonings, which is going to bury the intended subtlety of the content (of BG) through generations.

  3. Ashish Mall Says:

    Well said Aj……bhagwad gita reasonings regarding souls were more to establish them as sacrosanct rather than construing some logic behind the discourse million years later.

    It will be better if by blog one inspires society not to trash their soul rather corporeal surrounding….

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