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Bheemeswari October 27, 2010


Follow the rules

Jungle resorts, Bheemeswari is nestled in banks of river Cauvery, is ~100 KMs from Bangalore. It is famous for river rafting, coracle ride, hiking, adventure sports & fishing. River rafting,”Mahseer” fish catching & Crocodile sighting are the main reasons of this particular resort being famous than others in the area. So, for obvious reason, swimming is not allowed.

Route: Bangalore- Kanakpura- Sathanur- (left turn from NH 209) to Bheemeswari.

Facility at lodge: Cottages, fooding, safari etc. It has a day package as well night stay package. Details can be found in the following link:

Jungle lodge: Price list

Feedback: We were a group of 10 who went on a day package of Rs 1100 per head, on a weekday. Sadly, package just included a hiking (which they called trekking), 15 mins Coracle ride & edible lunch. Although we had paid for 16 people, only 10 managed to come. So we requested them, to include some adventure activities like Burma ride. But they were simply relunctant to make even an inch change. Add to that there was no one to guide. We had to go to them everytime to follow up. It was really very poor service. The main reason I think for such unfriendly service is dejected employees. They were simply indifferent to customers & had zero smile on their face & do job only when asked to do.

Anyways, I felt the Jungle lodge is just another Bangalore type institute, ready to suck money all the time, without any justification. The funny thing is, more than dustbins there were “Tip Box”. Something I saw for the  first time in my life.

It doesn’t have even lockers for day tourists, which is must for such camps.

Ambience: – Location is superb. From outside,  it certainly well maintained. Its a big tree shaded camp and one has to walk a lot to go from one place to another. It has well maintained tents, which obviously comes with a big price tag.

Activities: a) Hiking: Its a small walk of 40 mins (to n fro) to a hill top. The hill top provides good view of surrounding forest & river. Its really tough for people, who never did hiking and just another walk, who have experience of trekking. But certianly, it doesn’t qualify for trekking tag, as advertised by resort.

b) Coracle riding: Its just 15 mins water ride on traditional circular boat in river Cauvery. Good feeling, if its a maiden ride.

c) Hammock: to take a nap or rest. We did use a lot, since we had lot of time to kill. There are 20-30 Hammocks of all ranges, make use of it.

d) Burma walk: A rope from one tree top to another.

There are other rope activities, kayaking etc.

Recommendations: a) If you have too much to spent, then recommended.

b) Badly want a break from Bangalore & no option left, then recommended.

c) If want to get feel of river rafting, rope sports, then recommeded.

d) If badly want a feel of jungle, safari & night camping, then recommeded.

For surely if they improve their service and give some more value of money, then its 9/10. But for now, score, as per me is 5/10.


Environment is very pristine, so please please please donot litter. Obey rules of jungle.

Cottage in Jungle lodge

River Cauvery , views after a mild hiking

Forest guard tower has good views of Kaveri

Small hiking takes to forest fuard tower atop a hill


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  1. Sad about the bad service!…and that’s a lot of money you paid!

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