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Uffff….Karnataka Politics October 25, 2010

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RK Narayan & KR Narayan on Karnataka Politics

Although I have limited article’s geography to Karnataka, but being an enlightened citizen, I know this is applicable to whole country. The current phase of Karnataka politics is addition of another page to epic of dirty politics of this country. Ironically, the episode of selling & buying of “loyalty” of 5 times democratically elected MLA, comes amidst news of suspension of 3 MPs including Swaraj Paul, from  British Parliament on account of false bills of few thousand pounds. Sadly the later news, which is certainly a lesson for us remains un-noticed.

More than mockery of democracy, what’s worrying me is associating these politicians with humble creatures of animal kingdom. I hope animal rights group like PETA etc. are noticing such a heinous act and protest against such blatant defamation of innocent creatures. My support is guaranteed.

Like media recently dubbed these transactions as “Horse trading”. What the hell. Why such beautiful creatures be equated to these pot bellied politicians. At one end Horse are so agile, fast & always stand tall to their cause and at the other end, How can these fatty politicians be agile??? Completely illogical comparison. [On 2nd thought, these politicians are indeed agile in swaping parties, may be that’s the reason 😉 ].

In another these politicians were called Donkeys. My foot. Donkeys are so loyal to their masters, who eat so less and are always poorly fed creature, whereas these politicians donot know anything about loyality and their bellies are always filled up with cash. This is insult & complete defamation of such a hardworking creature. Activists, please file defamation case against those who equate donkeys to these politicians.

In another discussion, these party hopping politicians were called dogs. WT#. Dogs are synonym of faithfulness and these politicians are synonym to Treachery. Poor creatures, wake up dog owners, this is insult to your beloved pet. Go and fight against those people, who equate dogs to these politicians.

In another article, these politicians were called Chameleon, equating act of party hopping with Chameleon’s skin color changing act. But I disagree. Chameleon,changes its skin color to match with its home, so as to protect itself against enemy. On contrary, politicians take color of enemy itself, ditching its home. Sadly, there are no activists, who can fight against such slanderouism.

Wake up activists, act against those who compare these Hare…oops Hairy politician with innocent & beautiful creatures. Act now.

On another note, I was relieved that I was not involved in electing these bad politicians (I am yet to vote). But on second thought, I think I am responsible for loosing of good politicians.

Few suggestion for next election to all “thinking” voters :

1) “Donot want to vote ” should be there as an option in an EVM.

2) Any politician featuring in money trade should not be allowed to stand in election.

3) Even if tainted politicians stand, donot vote them.


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