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Rakta charitra October 25, 2010

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Rakta Charita, another signature movie of RGV, is all about blood spilling, albeit without a fight. Yes, this movie is for audience who can withstand 2 hrs of human Hallal. It is definitely not for audience looking of love story or masala or comedy or fighting. It’s a movie where no words are spoken, the moment enemy is seen, it is ensured the neck is separated from rest of the body within split of a second. There is no second thought, no emotion and anybody showing any of these two traits, is definitely going to meet death.

It’s typical signature movie of RGV, first because its subject is again on politics, associated Goondaism, having a God father, a villian, 5 mins of love, all filmed in dusky light accompanied with strong background music derived from mantras of Hinduism, miminal talk (do to say ratio is very high).  Based on politics of AP, shot in Anantpur in AP and use of black lungis, same color head to toe dress, Hyderabadi Hindi, typical South Indian accent, Nivi style of wearing saris, vehicle plate numbers etc., successfully gave Telugu character to the movie.

The most catchy part of the movie for me, was the title song at the start of the movie. The first line “Sir uthega to katega…” speaks all about the movie. Next is the villian “Bukka”. For the first time in Bollywood a Villian with zero emotion has been portrayed (I think Villian should be this way). He has no gender discrimination, whoever comes his way, meets death. The scene where he slaps lady inspector 10 odd times, amidst 10 guns pointing at him, was just too much. Vivek Oberoi did good job and I guess these are roles which suits him and not song-singing & dancing lover boy. Rest all actors have done their bit, with  exceptions of Movie narrator & Satrugna Sinha. I think RGV tried to gave style of Silvermani to both these  characters & so it was giving a feeling of “overacting”.

Overall I guess movie aim was to depict violence and I think it did successfully. Recommended only those who can withstand violence. This is certainly not for people with expectation of  heavy worded dialogues, love, romance, humor etc. This is also not a movie for time pass, U cannot kill time by seeing such raw killings ;-). Also people expecting some matrix styled stunts or typical south Indian fighting, may also get disappointed, since there is hardly any fighting. It’s just use of gun & sickle & the moment enemy is seen, it is ensured his/her next moment is in hell or heaven. By last scene, I guess movie may have created some sort of guiness record for maximum amount of Tomato sauce usage ;-).

Contrary to its most famous dialogue, “Topic is over”, topic is actually not over, with sequel releasing on 19th November. I think, I am waiting for release of the movie. I guess I LOVE VIOLENCE.


2 Responses to “Rakta charitra”

  1. Rahul Says:

    saw d movie yesterday, RGV on killing spree, waiting for 2nd part.. 🙂

  2. swets Says:

    2nd part is no different …
    only thing is we can c.. manly surya for some time..
    but later even he turns wild…
    it took several hours for me to actually resume back from violence oriented characters portrayl..

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