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The real “Big Boss” October 12, 2010

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Color TV is featuring its 4th season of Big Boss with fun fare by introducing Salman Khan & also getting free publicity by launching all controversial characters into the house. But this is reel and the real “Big Boss” is happening, thousands of miles away. It is so far that, even Google Map is not able to calculate the distance between the two sites.One is in Northern Hemisphere, the other in Southern Hemisphere; one is Asia and other in South America.

Just imagine how condition of 33 miners trapped at a depth of 500 mts in one of the dryest place of Earth (Atacama Desert) from 5th August (68th day as on 12th Oct,2010) and still continuing. Just compare this with Reel Big Boss, where all contestants, dwell in Luxury of a Villa, with AC rooms, Mineral water to take bath, unlimited electric supply to waste, unlimited supply of exotic food and 24 X 7 slangs of time pass. Even 1 degC fluctuate in temperature results in flaring of emotions among the contestants.

In real Big Boss, its matter of Life and death, its matter of saving the last drop of water dripping from the walls of Mines, inhaling the dust of mines, complete darkness with only visibility coming from torches of mine caps and temperatures above 50 degC. With thought of such situation raises my hair, forgetting it going through a such a situation.

Hats off to those real 33 heroes, their fighting spirit and I pray god they get a re-birth asap. Amen.


2 Responses to “The real “Big Boss””

  1. umapoems Says:

    I too pray for them.Amen..Well written post and about the google map its news to me

    Btw,Could you read this and vote to support me
    +ve n -ve of phones and a Life :

  2. lilly Says:

    i mean who is the real big boss person

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