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2 States October 10, 2010

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Its been two weekends and I am still travelling through pages of “Two States”, a spicey love-auto biography of Chetan Bhagat. The book is a pure time pass and doesn’t add a bit to one’s effort to improve English.But author ensures continuous laughter, by putting himself in a cornered situation, as if every milestone big or small, in his life is encountered with a hiccup, something similar to Bangalore/Karnataka highways (where every KM has a back breaking unscientific hump). Thats a small unimportant review from a reader. But strangely, I was able to draw lot of parallet between the book & my life.

Applying the concept on myself and reflecting back on my past, I realised all sorts of permutation & combination (P&C from now on) of states, districts, castes, religion, language would apply. The article is actually a potential entrance examination question of P&C section. So all rats (I remembering me being one years back), go through this article, as it may appear in your Q paper. All you have to answer at end of this is, minimum number of love affairs I had? Sadly, I myself is yet to solve that out..:-)

OK, focusing back, I am a Maheswari boy of Marwari Clan, originally of Bikaner (but yet to visit that state, forget visiting the district & city), brought up in Bhunaneswar, Orissa. To ease the question, I am not putting in more details of my “Janampatri”. Also I have not been to Bikaner, I won’t allow any rights of them over me and so in all P&C, Orissa will feature.

My first permutation & combination (P&C), obviously in school, is Dhenkanal -Khurda; Maheswari – Agarwal. And for obvious reason of not matching  sub-caste within caste. It dissolved with matriculation, resulting in next permutation & combination (P&C) of Puri-Khurda, Oriya-Marwari, Nonveg -Veg. Again because of toungue issues, it also dissoved with passage of time. With me entering a National college, my P&C also nationalised. The college romance was Khurda-Hoogly, Orissa-West Bengal, Marwari-Bengali, Veg-Nonveg. Such a different P&C was obviously rejected by my family, and I went into a depression. But soon next P&C of Orissa-Kerala, Marwadi-Malayalam, enabled me to come out of depression. But as I moved to silicon valley, lack of time to each other resulted in gradual disappearance.

With job, globalisation replaced nationalisation in my love P&C. 1991 reforms had started impacting my life even. This time it was India-Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim thanks to unlimited internet & chatting. But it was short lived because of “Enemity Builiding measures” of both countries. Now Intra Continent loved blossomed to Inter-Continent P&C. With my job involving interaction with Americans, soon an American lady love entered my love. And now permutation & combination (P&C) became Asia- North America, India- USA, Hindu- Christian, Orissa- Texas. But this even became victim of 10000 miles gap and also Glocalisation replacing Globalisation. There were intermediate P&C of Asia- South America, India-Argentina, Asia- Africa, Brown-Black. My latest love was with a visiting Australian collegue (as I said Glocalisation effect). P&C turns out to be Orissa- Queensland, India- Australia, Asia-Australia, Northern Hemisphere- Southern Hemisphere, Brown-White (if caste discrimination are allowed, why not color discrimination?). The love blossomed with her stay and flew with her.

So now I am here again, single alone, broken heart, in search of my next P&C. But this time I have pledged to myself, this will last P&C. Having searched all corners of Earth, it looks like I have to go for extra -terrestrial to find my true love. Looks like my final combination will be Earth-Venus. [Now I understand why they say Women are from Venus].

So Question in next entrance examination will be “How many (minimum) affairs I had?”. I also need to find it out. I can’t rely on memories, so need to go back to Mathematics. So guys if you find it out, please let me know.


4 Responses to “2 States”

  1. Rahul Says:

    i think the main reason of chetan bhagat books being so hit among youth is that everyone is able relate him/her self with some or the other things in all his books..

  2. Nandhini Says:

    Hahhaha….that was a good geographical post with atlas references. Good luck with your search for life on Venus, comes then your girl 🙂

  3. Ashish Mall Says:

    Wicked!!!!!not sated in chronological order…..

  4. swets Says:

    so .. this is the status of last year.. accha!!..

    this month tho.. its end of last financial year..

    how abt this new financial year..!!!..

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