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Indi Bloggers: Bangalore Chapter meet, October 2010 October 4, 2010

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What: Indi Blogger meet, Bangalore

When: 3rd October, 2010. 2PM-6PM. As Hindi calendar: Dashmi of Aswin Month of year 2067. As per astrologers, it is an excellent muhrat for networking.So thats explain success of the event..:-)

Where (Hospitality partner): Fortune Hotel, Anand Rao Circle

Who attended: ~250 odd psychos

Organisers: IndiBlog (.in group) &  HP

Highlights: 1) Self Introduction by each psychiatric patient 2) Introduction of new Printing technology by HP 3) Mingling.

Wow, that was my first social party and I must say it was very good, distinct and best part although it didn’t had any sequence; it went on with self-defined and followed rules. There were already few famous bloggers, someone already covering the front screens of blogging world (parallel to page-3) and there were some trying to make there way to the same. My friends always used to call me some kind of psycho, because of blog writing and after in this meet, I was happy to see, I was not the first nor the last to be in this mentally challenged group.

I reached well before time, but was sad to see even bloggers came late, following usual Indian ritual of coming late, resulting in late start of event. Bloggers, we see ourselves as changers to system, so was expecting at least this breed to come on time. Sadly, same IST ritual here, but good thing it didn’t delay by Indian standards. But all went away as the introduction started. It was quite fun, with people introducing themselves, there blog and why they blog. In my opinion, bloggers meet could be a best workshop for psychiatrist or a student of soaciology. The way people socialize, intrepret world is so amazing and surely gives a challenge to Indian diversity.

Quick statistics build up on introduction reveal following statistics:

– 93% were males. Females, you need to catch up a lot…come on. 

– 90% are in age group of 20-30 years. [I think it’s quite obvious]

– 70% hate their job. IT companies, time to wake up.

– 90% of bloggers belong to IT & related industry [but I think that’s peculiar to Bangalore]

– 60% write on technology

– At same time 80% claim to write CRAP. I guess, Oxford dictionary should consider making “CRAP” synonym to BLOG.

– Quite a few, 10-20% write to bring about some change in society. That was below my expectation.

Diversity of audience was still amazing. I think we had bloggers from all corners of India. Thanks to those who flew from places like Mumbai, Lucknow to attend the meet. Age group can’t be more broad 14-62 years. I bet, I will expand the band, when my child takes avatar on earth in few years. I will make him/her blog, the day he/she learns first alphabets of any language (please no one should steal me my this dream). Moreover, this will help me grab some quick giveaways of sponsors ..;-). Professionally, although a big chunk were in IT related industry, there were some good diversion, like Journalist (both current & future), Writers, social activists etc. Medical was badly represented by just 1 doctor, proving Doctors hardly have a personal life (I guess….that’s why I chose to be an Engineer). But in all it had enough diversity to bring in thoughts from all directions possible.

The exercise of mingling by talking to people and asking them to write on paper back board hung on back side (very much looked like donkeys of Afghanistan) was quite good and fun. And obviously in a room, filled with 90% testosterone charged people, a female won accolade of having maximum number of signatures on her back.

 Following this was yummy snacks and wrap up with some “Indi Police” (being new to terminology, I was wondering what Indonesia Police was doing here). Meanwhile, while way back to home, god decided to water his few remaining plants in Bangalore. Had a tough time, going through water logged roads, but luckily no vehicle splashed water on me. Some how I reached home dry, showed off my “Indi Blog T-shirt” to my rommies and glued to Idiot box to see CWG, the hottest topic today on blog world.

Overall, thanks for psychos for such fantastic mental meet. I pledge to attend more such meets, as they happen. Kudos to all IndiBlog team 🙂


5 Responses to “Indi Bloggers: Bangalore Chapter meet, October 2010”

  1. Mohan Says:

    Damn.. you too forgot about one more psycho who was giving away saplings to spread the green love? Jokes apart, awesome way to sum it up dude. Liked the statistics part the most!

    Good to have known you Om. Keep blogging and look forward to be frequent here 🙂

  2. Shashi Says:

    yea. .dude.. liked the statistics the most.. good coverage of the meet.. @ mohan.. i guess u 4got to give him some:P

  3. What a nice post. I really love reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what others have to say.

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