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10 steps to complete Adranaline rush October 2, 2010

Filed under: Personal — omus @ 12:01 pm

1) Just see “Raji Saaree” photo. It always radiates energy.

2) Read about “Rajni Saaree” article in newspaper. Smiles & laugh guaranteed.

3) See a “Rajni Saareee” movie trailor or his voice in some news channel.

4) See “Rajni Saarree” dubbed movie in Hindi, regularly featuring in SMAX or Star Gold during weekends. I bet for face will ask for rest, your belly will cry for relief…after such a heavy dose of laughter. It took me 1 day to settle down, after watching Sivaji.

5) If want some more, see “Rajni Saarree” movie with your dravidian friends in home. There enthusiasm will pump in extra blood, in your nerve systems.

6) Not satisfied, just watch celebration of Rajni fans club in front in cinema halls screening “Rajni Saarree” movie. I guarantee its next to hangover.

7) Still not satisfied, take part in those celebrations. You won’t get up the next day or may be weeks.

8)  want more, go and watch “Rajni Saarree” movie in a theatre.

9) Still want more watch first day, first show of “Rajni Saarree” movie in a Chennai theatre.

10) For max, gets glimpses of Rajni Godddde. Enough to land you in heaven.

Touching Rajni Saareee, means you have already landed in heaven. So its beyond the scope of earthly matters and so out of scope of my article. Its best way non-lethal, completely legal way to get adrenaline rush. No anti-doping agency or government can charge you. Make all Indian players, watch “Endiran” before common wealth games. I bet India gonna corner some extra gold. [if rumours to be believed, Australian team has already deployed this tactic and have booked secretly a cinema hall in Delhi and making their player watch “Endiran” movie].


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