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Twist in the tale: Ayodhya Case October 1, 2010

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Erstwhile Ayodhya disputed site

Thankful to Source:

Ek verdict, ek verdict, puri country ko band karne ki takat rakhta hai. I guess, that’s one of the reason of being India being incredible. The only countries where this can happen, are its blood relatives like Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Anyways, there is twist in the tail for this Ayodhya temple-mosque case. A litigant, which I want to file. There is actually a third claimant to the disputed land. And interestingly, this claimant is the original owner, rather occupant of this piece of land. Its NATURE, comprising of Neem trees, Banyan trees, Langurs, deers and all other gangetic flora & fauna. These are the original inhabitants of disputed land. Human in form of Aryans or whoever the tribe may be, took forcibly this land from them. They being speechless, there voice is not heard. In fact, there voice has been going unheard for thousands of years and still going unheard all over the globe.

Already, declaring near by forest in Faizabad district as Macaques sanctuary has become an election issue (read TOI dated 29th September, 2010). Why not transfer the disputed land in Ayodhya, also to forest authorities, so that monkeys can get some safe heaven in a concrete jungle. I request WWF or Jairam Ramesh (on behalf of Ministry of forests) or wildlife activists to petition in apex court, claiming land for the original inhabitants. A mid way solution (as generally proposed) for this should be building a zoological park. Anybody filing??


Actually there is another twist. Ever wondered what happens if Rajni saare does excavation at Ayodhya. I have chosen Rajni saaare, for obvious reasons: Laws of physics won’t work. I just found, if he keeps on excavating 26.8N, 82.2 E (Ayodhya coordinates), he will end up somewhere in Texas (26.8N, 97.8W) in USA, between Texas state highway 77 and 281, with nearest habitat being Raymondville (see below picture). For me, this place being related to Ayodhya, is also a disputed site and I would like a file a suit claming this piece of land also. Anybody counselling for me???

26.8N -98W: Disputed land...It has Ayodhya roots..:-)

Disclaimer: Request to US govt, this is snapshot from google map (and not taken from any illegal agency) and is meant for fun and besides fun serves no purpose. So please restrain from drawing unwanted conclusions from the presence of map in the blog..:-). Thanks to Google map from great coordinate tracking map technology.


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