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This time from Bad to Good October 1, 2010

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Always things go from good to bad. Especially in lives of our unstable generation. You read stories, blogs, and its always prevelance of negative thoughts over positives. We are so much insecure about ourselves and others, that we donot even bother to listen a word and make a pre-decision of what the other person is gonna talk. And so as usual human trait we focus our attention on bad and forget good.

But here is a story, coming as light in a dark, deep tunnel. Where things go on unexpected lines, and positive prevails over negative line of thoughts.

Disclaimer: It’s all from my vacant top floor and resemblemnce with anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

This is story of Veggie. A guy who was deeply in love with a female character, Rit (I am in search for stable name for my female character). But things didn’t workout and they got separated. For last two years, they haven’t talked to each other, but somewhere in each’s heart, love prevailed over time. Because of this love n break up events, Veggie had developed a theory that Rit ditched him. Lot of negative thoughts had cripped in his mind over tension of break up, which over time, hardened into a case of strong negative thought. On other hand, Rit also had a tough time in overcoming the break up. But she preserved all good times they had together, remembered it, celebrated it on her own lonely ways and had developed a very positive platform. She was upset over break up, but at same time recorded it as the best moments of her life in her history book. She forgot the bad times, but remembered the good ones.

A time came, when both encountered each other again. Veggie, as usual being somewhat bully, decided to make Rit taste some of his poison, i.e all the negative thoughts he had cripped in. Rit on other hand, wanted to atleast get in touch again & remain friends. So she decided to contact him, but was apprehensive about talking straightaway, for obvious reasons of fight they had years ago, that culminated to breakup. So she sent him a SMS (modern love letters).

Rit’s SMS: Hi, How are you? Wanted to talk?

Veggie’s SMS: Better than you..Ab kya baat karna baki hai….what more you want to talk??

Rit obviously was annoyed by his rude reply, but understood this being normal. She putting herself in Veggie’s shoes, thought. Contacting after years will surely annoy anyone. So she kept her cool and messaged.

Rit’s SMS: Good to hear you are better. So would like to hear/see how much better..:-)

Veggie with thoughts pre-occupied, with his false formed concept, didn’t see her make up attempt. He kept thinking, she is here, just to trouble him. So his reply reflected same:

Veggie’s SMS: I donot want to. I have gone through enough and no more.

Rit understood. She knew its just frustation that’s coming out. Its volcano, suppressed over two years and is bound to explode one day or other. So, she thought why not make it explode today and get out all the pressure, all the venom out, once and for all. With her positives thought, she knew, its just a passing phase and below this lies same old guy. So she replied:

Rit’s SMS: But not enuf..:-)…tell anything you want. Take out all venom. Feel relaxed.

This time Veggie got some shock. He was thinking, how such a cool response came, when he was expecting a charged response. This cool response resulted in cooling some of his nerves.

Veggie’s SMS: Hey just wanted to be sorry. I msged rudely. But anyways, How are you doing?

Rit’s SMS: Friends donot say sorry. If I would have been you, may be I would have done same or worse. Anyways I am doing good. Parents have forced someone into my life. So just wanted to say you that. I had promised you once, that you will be the first one to know. I haven’t told any of my friends.

Tear came out of Veggie’s eyes. Yes, boys do cry, at end they are human beings and emotions donot see gender. The melting heart of Veggie reflected in his message.

Veggie’s SMS: Bad msg came put of inertia of bad thoughts. I presumed, we gonna fight over our failed relationship and started messaging rudely, before even lending my ears. Anyways, Congrats. I am happy for you and also surprised you remember your promise. I don’t think, I even remembered. BTW, who is he?

Rit’s SMS: Shall we talk? My fingers pain by typing so much.

Veggie on reading SMS, gave a gentle smile to himself and called her number..[As I understand from my friends, reading blogs, newspaper…girls rarely call BF…I am yet to figure out …why????? ]

Veggie (heavy voice): Hi….How are you?

Rit: Yah good. Good to listen your voice again.

Veggie: Thanks..

Rit (Interupting): No thanks n sorry..(n laughs aloud)

Veggie still had some anger. Although wax melted, but wax was still there. So, it came oneway or other .

Veggie (speaking sarcastically): I am sorry if I cracked a joke. I guess I am not allowed.

Rit understood, he is still frustated. She knew, this is moment to allow volcanic eruption & set  mind relieved off pressure.

Rit: I know you are upset over my failures years back. I think, I own responsibility and you can tell whatever you want. I give you full freedom.

Veggie (getting boiled): Yah, you …..(& suddenly stopped..2 mins silence prevails)

Rit: Veggie, take out all your venom. I completely understand your frustation. Sorry, I didn’t realize same years back.But I do now. I have put myself in your position and realized …I would do same as you did.

Veggie (Bursting in tears & laughter at a time): hey, lets forget. So tell about your latest crush…

Rit (putting a smile, she felt the explosion): Hey no crush….parents has forced him to my life. And so here I am.

Veggie: but how he is? Does he sings, as you always wanted one?

Rit:  He is good..yah he is good…I donot know if he sings or not. Its just days, we have been talking. And you know, I told him about you and we have been talking much about you only, lately.

Veggie (kind of angry): Why, are you spoiling your life n time by talking about a nonsense like me. Enjoy your time in romance..

Rit: No, I wanted to tell him truth. And he has been very supportive. Infact, he played your role and then suggested me to talk to you again, to tell sorry and mend good relationship. So please forgive me. I am really really sorry for past.

Veggie (very moved by heart): I thought just 10 mins back, you only told…”No sorry, No thanks ..between friends”. [gives a big laugh]

Rit: No really, I mean it.

Veggie (continues laugh):  hey! come on, its ok. past is past. Present is perfect.

Rit: Hope you forgiven me….and also he asked me to tell you another thing.

Veggie: What?

Rit: Thanks…Thank You…for all good memories. Whenever, I go through a bad patch, I just go through these good memories. It gives me a peace of mind.

Veggie (he is now very happy in heart): Hey..hey…you are breaking your own rule, by telling sorry n thank you. Come on (laughs).

Rit (smiling): ok..ok..ok..I won’t anymore.

Veggie: So tell about this guy. What he is doing? Where? How he looks? When are you introducing? Also, surprised about your remembering power. you remember that promise you made..casually.

Rit: I always meant, What I said….anyways I am yet to see him..

Veggie (Shocked): Yet to see him….what do you mean? Are you joking?

Rit: Yah, I haven’t seen him. It’s just …my family finalized. His and my family know each other since childhood days and it seems they use to casually joke in early days, about wedding me and him. And see coincidence, it’s happening. Anyways, my parents are, I am happy. So doesn’t matter, if we meet or not.

Veggie (a gentle smile): Wow, it sounds so filmy and romantic.

Rit: Yah it indeed is filmy..(laughs)

Veggie: But I am even touched you are telling me first. Really you haven’t told anyone.

Rit (a gentle smile): No, I really haven’t.

Veggie: Thanks Rit for such a privilege. But congrats of luck…n last time I want to tell you..I will really miss you in my life.

Rit (laughs..): Hey…what are you forgetting me ? Got a fat girl or what in ur heart …that donot have a spec of a space even for me..(laughs)

Veggie (laughing): No man..nothing like that. Its just…

Rit: I understand. Anyways. Tell about you….so when you are getting hooked up?

Veggie: I donot know….I don’t think about it..just keeping busy.

Rit: hmmm….I gave lot of pain..I know it…

Veggie: hey!  NO..come on.

Veggie: You have been very good. You are best person in my life, so understanding, so cool…I donot have words. I know, I have been bad to you. But I think its just, negatives made me blind and also fate has been bad to us. [takes a deep breath]..

Rit: Yah I know when going is bad, bad gets going. But good we sailed through it, however long it may be. But anyways, good to talk to you. And let me tell you, I have same respect, same (stops..)….I had years back. Bad times may put a layer of dust on gold, but some day it has to wipe off and gold shines back with same glitter. So donot think…that I hold any grutch against you or something.U were special, U r, U ll be …. as a friend.

Veggie: I think I should tell that. I have been bad…even at start of this conversation. I was blinded by negatives, without knowing what you want to tell. I always presumed you gonna talk on negatives…..but leave it….I am very happy that we are talking.

Rit (laughs): Yah, so be in touch.

Veggie: Yah, I will be. And also introduce me, some time to your fiancee as well. You promised even this… once.(laughs)

Rit (laugh): I remember..and actaully he is very eager to meet you (stops)…So bye.

Veggie: Bye

After 5 mins, a SMS comes from Rit to Veggie. It reads “There is no guy in my life. He is my imagination..;-)…as you usual you fell in Prank trap…;-)..I made fool of you…ha ha ha…Donot call me now….let me laugh aloud myself…but anyways nice talking you after long in touch..:-) “


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  1. Ashish Mall Says:

    Crtap!!!!!just a wish………..

  2. swets Says:

    ha ha ha ha…” no comments”.. …4 obvious reasons.. 😕

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