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Bheemeswari October 27, 2010


Follow the rules

Jungle resorts, Bheemeswari is nestled in banks of river Cauvery, is ~100 KMs from Bangalore. It is famous for river rafting, coracle ride, hiking, adventure sports & fishing. River rafting,”Mahseer” fish catching & Crocodile sighting are the main reasons of this particular resort being famous than others in the area. So, for obvious reason, swimming is not allowed.

Route: Bangalore- Kanakpura- Sathanur- (left turn from NH 209) to Bheemeswari.

Facility at lodge: Cottages, fooding, safari etc. It has a day package as well night stay package. Details can be found in the following link:

Jungle lodge: Price list

Feedback: We were a group of 10 who went on a day package of Rs 1100 per head, on a weekday. Sadly, package just included a hiking (which they called trekking), 15 mins Coracle ride & edible lunch. Although we had paid for 16 people, only 10 managed to come. So we requested them, to include some adventure activities like Burma ride. But they were simply relunctant to make even an inch change. Add to that there was no one to guide. We had to go to them everytime to follow up. It was really very poor service. The main reason I think for such unfriendly service is dejected employees. They were simply indifferent to customers & had zero smile on their face & do job only when asked to do.

Anyways, I felt the Jungle lodge is just another Bangalore type institute, ready to suck money all the time, without any justification. The funny thing is, more than dustbins there were “Tip Box”. Something I saw for the  first time in my life.

It doesn’t have even lockers for day tourists, which is must for such camps.

Ambience: – Location is superb. From outside,  it certainly well maintained. Its a big tree shaded camp and one has to walk a lot to go from one place to another. It has well maintained tents, which obviously comes with a big price tag.

Activities: a) Hiking: Its a small walk of 40 mins (to n fro) to a hill top. The hill top provides good view of surrounding forest & river. Its really tough for people, who never did hiking and just another walk, who have experience of trekking. But certianly, it doesn’t qualify for trekking tag, as advertised by resort.

b) Coracle riding: Its just 15 mins water ride on traditional circular boat in river Cauvery. Good feeling, if its a maiden ride.

c) Hammock: to take a nap or rest. We did use a lot, since we had lot of time to kill. There are 20-30 Hammocks of all ranges, make use of it.

d) Burma walk: A rope from one tree top to another.

There are other rope activities, kayaking etc.

Recommendations: a) If you have too much to spent, then recommended.

b) Badly want a break from Bangalore & no option left, then recommended.

c) If want to get feel of river rafting, rope sports, then recommeded.

d) If badly want a feel of jungle, safari & night camping, then recommeded.

For surely if they improve their service and give some more value of money, then its 9/10. But for now, score, as per me is 5/10.


Environment is very pristine, so please please please donot litter. Obey rules of jungle.

Cottage in Jungle lodge

River Cauvery , views after a mild hiking

Forest guard tower has good views of Kaveri

Small hiking takes to forest fuard tower atop a hill


Uffff….Karnataka Politics October 25, 2010

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RK Narayan & KR Narayan on Karnataka Politics

Although I have limited article’s geography to Karnataka, but being an enlightened citizen, I know this is applicable to whole country. The current phase of Karnataka politics is addition of another page to epic of dirty politics of this country. Ironically, the episode of selling & buying of “loyalty” of 5 times democratically elected MLA, comes amidst news of suspension of 3 MPs including Swaraj Paul, from  British Parliament on account of false bills of few thousand pounds. Sadly the later news, which is certainly a lesson for us remains un-noticed.

More than mockery of democracy, what’s worrying me is associating these politicians with humble creatures of animal kingdom. I hope animal rights group like PETA etc. are noticing such a heinous act and protest against such blatant defamation of innocent creatures. My support is guaranteed.

Like media recently dubbed these transactions as “Horse trading”. What the hell. Why such beautiful creatures be equated to these pot bellied politicians. At one end Horse are so agile, fast & always stand tall to their cause and at the other end, How can these fatty politicians be agile??? Completely illogical comparison. [On 2nd thought, these politicians are indeed agile in swaping parties, may be that’s the reason 😉 ].

In another these politicians were called Donkeys. My foot. Donkeys are so loyal to their masters, who eat so less and are always poorly fed creature, whereas these politicians donot know anything about loyality and their bellies are always filled up with cash. This is insult & complete defamation of such a hardworking creature. Activists, please file defamation case against those who equate donkeys to these politicians.

In another discussion, these party hopping politicians were called dogs. WT#. Dogs are synonym of faithfulness and these politicians are synonym to Treachery. Poor creatures, wake up dog owners, this is insult to your beloved pet. Go and fight against those people, who equate dogs to these politicians.

In another article, these politicians were called Chameleon, equating act of party hopping with Chameleon’s skin color changing act. But I disagree. Chameleon,changes its skin color to match with its home, so as to protect itself against enemy. On contrary, politicians take color of enemy itself, ditching its home. Sadly, there are no activists, who can fight against such slanderouism.

Wake up activists, act against those who compare these Hare…oops Hairy politician with innocent & beautiful creatures. Act now.

On another note, I was relieved that I was not involved in electing these bad politicians (I am yet to vote). But on second thought, I think I am responsible for loosing of good politicians.

Few suggestion for next election to all “thinking” voters :

1) “Donot want to vote ” should be there as an option in an EVM.

2) Any politician featuring in money trade should not be allowed to stand in election.

3) Even if tainted politicians stand, donot vote them.


Rakta charitra

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Rakta Charita, another signature movie of RGV, is all about blood spilling, albeit without a fight. Yes, this movie is for audience who can withstand 2 hrs of human Hallal. It is definitely not for audience looking of love story or masala or comedy or fighting. It’s a movie where no words are spoken, the moment enemy is seen, it is ensured the neck is separated from rest of the body within split of a second. There is no second thought, no emotion and anybody showing any of these two traits, is definitely going to meet death.

It’s typical signature movie of RGV, first because its subject is again on politics, associated Goondaism, having a God father, a villian, 5 mins of love, all filmed in dusky light accompanied with strong background music derived from mantras of Hinduism, miminal talk (do to say ratio is very high).  Based on politics of AP, shot in Anantpur in AP and use of black lungis, same color head to toe dress, Hyderabadi Hindi, typical South Indian accent, Nivi style of wearing saris, vehicle plate numbers etc., successfully gave Telugu character to the movie.

The most catchy part of the movie for me, was the title song at the start of the movie. The first line “Sir uthega to katega…” speaks all about the movie. Next is the villian “Bukka”. For the first time in Bollywood a Villian with zero emotion has been portrayed (I think Villian should be this way). He has no gender discrimination, whoever comes his way, meets death. The scene where he slaps lady inspector 10 odd times, amidst 10 guns pointing at him, was just too much. Vivek Oberoi did good job and I guess these are roles which suits him and not song-singing & dancing lover boy. Rest all actors have done their bit, with  exceptions of Movie narrator & Satrugna Sinha. I think RGV tried to gave style of Silvermani to both these  characters & so it was giving a feeling of “overacting”.

Overall I guess movie aim was to depict violence and I think it did successfully. Recommended only those who can withstand violence. This is certainly not for people with expectation of  heavy worded dialogues, love, romance, humor etc. This is also not a movie for time pass, U cannot kill time by seeing such raw killings ;-). Also people expecting some matrix styled stunts or typical south Indian fighting, may also get disappointed, since there is hardly any fighting. It’s just use of gun & sickle & the moment enemy is seen, it is ensured his/her next moment is in hell or heaven. By last scene, I guess movie may have created some sort of guiness record for maximum amount of Tomato sauce usage ;-).

Contrary to its most famous dialogue, “Topic is over”, topic is actually not over, with sequel releasing on 19th November. I think, I am waiting for release of the movie. I guess I LOVE VIOLENCE.


PJ Cartoon October 20, 2010

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Meanwhile in US

Thanks to Waterloo

BTW: This is not true News

Please Note: Above is not a true news. So Breaking News channel refrain from making this a news.


Maiden Durga Puja in Bangalore

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Durga Puja, Sarjapur -Total Mall


Durga Puja, Brookefields

Durga Puja, Brokefields

Palace Grounds

Some thoughts recalled on Occasion of Durga Puja:

1) ” मन से जो रावण निकाले, राम उसके मन मैं हैं !”

2) भगवान् उनकी मदत करता हैं जो अपनी समयं मदत करते हैं !


Trip to Lepakshi Temple October 19, 2010

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Lepakshi temple


Where: Lepakshi Temple, Anantpur district, AP

Famous for: 16th Century temple, Vijaynagar style of architecture, dedicated to Lord Virabhadra (lord Shiva). Star attractions: Monolithic Nandi, huge Sheshnag, Hanging pillars, painted walls & typical Vijaynagar architecture. Although temple is small by South Indian temple standards, but its densely packed with architecture & art.

Distance: 120KMs from Bangalore

Route: As shown in Google map snapshot there are two routes

a) via Chikballapur: NH-7. Excellent road. We travelled this route.

b) via Hindupur: SH-9. Its a SH that too in Karnataka, so I have least expectations on quality of road.

Bangalore to Lepakshi..NH7 (blue line) recommended route

Detail Route from Bangalore: Hebbal- Yelahanka- Devanahalli- Chikballapur- Bagepalli- AP border toll booth- (16KMs left turn) to Lepakshi.

lepakshi diversion on NH7 after AP border crossover at kodikonda checkpost

Spotless NH7


Our Trip:

When: 17th October (Sunday). It happened to be Vijaydashmi, making our trip more auspicious.

Who: 4 of Us. Me, Rahul, Dinesh, Subhakant

4 of us

How: In 2 bikes

Trip Meter: ~250Kms

Trip time: 7Am to 5PM

Weather: It was perfect for a bike trip. Cloudy day but no rain.

Waking as early as 5:00AM, that too on Sunday is always a tough task. Somehow I woke up 5:30 and forced others as well. After taking bath and completing routine Puja, we started at 7AM (1 hour late than planned departure). Driving lazily through empty streets of Bangalore, we reached Yelahanka by 8AM. After having cup of tea in a non-descript tea stall, we zoomed to Chikballapur (bypass) and had breakfast at Ranjita Restaurant, just few KMs after crossing Chikballapur bypass.

As Rahul was driving on buttered NH-7, I was trying my hand in Photography, an advantage seating as pillion. By 11:30AM, we were in Lepakshi village. First attraction was a huge monolithic Nandi (just 300 mts away from main temple). After half an hr photo session there, we went to temple. Although being an ancient temple and an auspicious day, that too Sunday, temple was not crowded (advantage of being in a small village). So we had nice darshan of gods, and again we were back to our photo session, which went over an hour.

By 1:30 PM, we completed our photo shoot up and started our return journey. At Kodikonda checkpost on NH-7, we lunched on heavy Andra meals,costing just Rs 65. By 5PM we were in Bangalore. After witnessing last darshan of Durga puja in Palace grounds and snacking on yummy samosas, Kachoris of Ram sweets in BTM, we were back to our beds by 7PM.

Overall it was an excellent day break from Bangalore. Food, weather, roads, festive atmosophere & company of friends were all perfect 10 to make it a perfect weekend.

Lepakshi Info:

Its a small village, hardly 500 mts in radius, centered around the temple. So one should not keep any expectations of food or ATM or other modern amenities. Hindupur is major town, just 15kms from here.,_Lepakshi

For food: NH-7 between Bangalore & Lepakshi has couple of good restaurants.

Kamat Upachar: 10Kms after Chikballapur ( Bangalore-Lepakshi direction) is a well known highway chain of restaurants, known for South Indian Veg food. Its coupled with BP petrol station, making it a perfect highway stop to refreseh & recharge.

APTDC: At Kodikonda checkpost. Exactly on the junction, where turn towards Lepakshi needs to be taken.  Again a perfect stop to recharge bellies. It boasts of a nice children’s playground, neat & clean toilets, spacious restaurant & a big tiled parking space. Taste of Andra Veg Meals: 8/10 (4 votes) costing Rs 65 per plate.

Ranjita Restaurant: Few KMs before Chikaballapur, this is a decent stop to have south Indian food. Price is also reasonable & so is ambience.

There’s few more restaurants in and around Chikballapur. Few names I could remember are Punjabi Dhaba, Bamboo Grass dhaba.

How to reach Lepakshi?

Best way is by your own vehicle. Otherwise lots of KSTRC & APSTRC buses ply. Hindupur is the major bus stop, just 15Kms form Lepakshi. By rail, again Hindupur is the nearest major rail stop.

Other attractions:

Nandi Hills: 22Kms off NH-7, between Bangalore & Chikballapur.

Jain Temple: Chikballapur. Clearly visible from NH7.

Skandagiri: A famous “night-trekking” spot.


1) Lepakshi & Nandi hills can be clubbed in single day plan. Nandi Hill is famous for sunrise & sunset. So it can be clubbed before or after Lepakshi visit. I recommend to see sunrise and then head to Lepakshi. Its just one has to wake very early (but I guess to have great views, one need to sacrifice some sleep. “Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai” or in 3 words “Law of conservation”)

Special Request:

Roads are excellent, temple is neat & clean. So please please donot trash. Use dustbins or carry your own trash.

Be “an explorative & not an exploitive tourist”.

Wish you a Happy Outing.

Trip to lepakshi



Re-birth of Phoenix in Phoenix October 15, 2010

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Rise of Phoenix

 Source of photo:

14th October 1978, I was born out of Mother’s Womb;

14th October,2010, I was re-born out of a Hearth, which I thought would be my Tomb.

14-10-1978, I was born as my Mother’s operation was on;

14-10-2010, I was re-born with an Operation, 500mtrs Deep & 66 days Long.

14-10-1978, I was born, because of my Father Mother wish;

14-10-2010, I was re-born, because I had ventured to fulfill somebody’s Copper needs.

14-10-1978, I was born crying that could only be heard;

14-10-2010, I was re-born crying, with tears, wetting my unshaved beard.

14-10-1978, I was born with closed eyes to sun’s light;

14-10-2010, I was re-born only to find Atacama’s moon shining so bright.

14-10-1978, I was born with kiss of my father, that was featherlite;

14-10-2010, I was re-born with hug of my son, that so tight.

14-10-1978, I was born as Bolivian;

14-10-2010, I was re-born, this time as Chilean.

14-10-1978, I was born with Mother’s milk Delicious;

14-10-2010, I was re-born, with Atacama’s Cactus also tonglicious.

14-10-1978, I was born all alone;

14-10-2010, I was re-born, with 33 of us, rising like & with, Phoenix along.

Dedicated to all Miners, who fought their fate for 66 days and also a Toast to Human fighting spirit and a big THANK to ALMIGHTY.