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Breaking News: “I am responsible for CWG mess” September 30, 2010

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I am responsible of fiasco of CWG-2010. I take 100% ownership of the mess. I have created this CWG mess and made Kalmadi, Mario. Mario
over these years was busy in gobbling up the money packets coming on way and always concentrated on having money packets, instead of
responsibilities he owned up for the game. So, me being the creator of mess and making Kalmadi as Mario, is first hand responsible for the
disaster. So, hang me untill death and also let all my property go to Mario, as that is what he wants and not the games.

I am responsible, because I am crying at the last moment, instead of crying years back. I am responsible for red emissions in rooms, campus, roads..everywhere. I am responsible for traffic, I am responsible for stinky corners of Metro, roads and all public places, I am responsible for throwing garbage everywhere (except dustbin) & then crying about choked sewage system, I am responsible for wasting water (by closing taps while brushing) & cry about drought conditions, I am responsible for electing mischief makers to parliament, I am responsible for using cheap material in construction, I am responsible for poor designs of structure, I am responsible for mis-management of time & resources. So, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING. HANG ME UNTILL DEATH.


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