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Sakhi Saheli..:-) September 30, 2010

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This is my favorite radio show and thanks to Ayodhya verdict, which resulted in early close of office, I was able to listen to show after a long long time. Long time, because signals are poor within my office campus and sadly show is aired only on weekdays :-(.  Anyways, after a long time, I listened to the show and it reminded me my old promise to write about the show. Again thanks to Ayodhya verdict, I am staying away from TV and so having ample time to write about the show.

Now, for who donot know about the show, it’s a 3-4PM programme in Vividh Bharati, targetting female audience. But I am sure, there are equal number of male fans, as I explored in facebook and orkut. I see the show as a silent revolution working for upliftment of women in the country. I donot know the reason, why the show is not awarded at national & international level, but it certainly deserves. Along with OLD & GOLD songs, it talks about women upliftment, problems women face at work, family etc. Each day has a theme, so 5 themes a week. Thursday is supposedly, they shed knowledge about a famous Indian female personality and encourage its female audience. Similarly it has themes like employment oppurtunities for women, family based talks, cuisine talk etc.

The best part of program for me is the mesmerising voice of  hosts (all of them, come next to Lata Mangeskar & Leela Naidu for me). Renuka, Chanchal are amazing and most outstanding is Nimi Mishra. The next best part is when hosts read about the letters coming from its audience. This program has kept the post card culture not only alive but very lively. The letters come from all corners of the country, corners unheard of, and also may be missing in detail maps of goggle. The third best part, there is no ad, giving it an uniterrupted Audi pleasure. Perhaps, this is the only radio show, where song comes as last best part, for me.

I really miss this show, and hope they air this on weekends. Also if they improve strenght of signal, I can listen in office also. I remember, cancelling or bypassing 3-4PM meetings, to listen this show couple of years back. Anyways, I encourage all to listen this show. It encourages us to go back to basics, go back to cultural roots without disconnecting with latest world (I won’t use modern word). The show makes me feel, even small things in life can give UNMEASURABLE IMMENSE PLEASURE. I always have a smile on my face, when I listen this show.Keep the good show airing 🙂


Breaking News: “I am responsible for CWG mess”

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I am responsible of fiasco of CWG-2010. I take 100% ownership of the mess. I have created this CWG mess and made Kalmadi, Mario. Mario
over these years was busy in gobbling up the money packets coming on way and always concentrated on having money packets, instead of
responsibilities he owned up for the game. So, me being the creator of mess and making Kalmadi as Mario, is first hand responsible for the
disaster. So, hang me untill death and also let all my property go to Mario, as that is what he wants and not the games.

I am responsible, because I am crying at the last moment, instead of crying years back. I am responsible for red emissions in rooms, campus, roads..everywhere. I am responsible for traffic, I am responsible for stinky corners of Metro, roads and all public places, I am responsible for throwing garbage everywhere (except dustbin) & then crying about choked sewage system, I am responsible for wasting water (by closing taps while brushing) & cry about drought conditions, I am responsible for electing mischief makers to parliament, I am responsible for using cheap material in construction, I am responsible for poor designs of structure, I am responsible for mis-management of time & resources. So, I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING. HANG ME UNTILL DEATH.