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Bed ki Aatmakatha September 26, 2010

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I was going through lessons of Bhagwat Geeta, where it preached that Human being comes empty handed and goes empty handed. There it stuck me, the first materialistic thing we encounter, when we come to Earth, is bed and also that is the last thing when we exit Earth. So it is really an incredible companion, whose association with our lives, never realised, forget being appreciated. That’s when I decided to write on “Bed’s autobiography”.

I am bed, whose association with human being starts right from seconds from birth and last till last breath. I may take any form, starting from, banana leaf bed to foam-silk based expensive beds.

During your first seconds of existence, I am witness to your tearless cries, your Solid-liquid emissions. I give you 24 hrs of rest along side your mother. I witness your growth with every passing year. I am witness of your mischiefs, your un-adulterated laugh of baby years. I am the one whose support you take, to make first moves on your own. I am the one, with whom you enjoy playing most, since you know I can never harm, rather will cushion any fall. I am the one who stand up to your this belief. I am the one, on whom you learn the first lessons of bookish knowledge. I am the one, on whom you would take out all your anger by hitting, pressing hard and even shedding some tear drops, after getting scoldings from father. I am the one, on whom you would take rest and make wishes before sleeping. I am  witness to your dreams, good n bad, happy n sad, comedy n horror. I am the one, you would love most in chilly nights of winter and the one, most sought after a day of hard work. I am the one, with whom you start sharing your fantasies of school, when you talk to self. I am the one, who also share your burden and tension of examinations. With every passing year, I see you grow, whether physically or mentally. I am the one on whom you give gentle smiles to celebrate your success and also curse yourself on your failures. I am the one with whom you share your first love, first date and also the one to absorb the tears that come out after first breakup. I am the one, who support you take, to cruise through happening years of adolescence and guide you to mature age of being a young man and then a parent. Now I became witness to your mounting tension of family and also deteroiting health. Finally, a day comes, where you leave world, my lap being the last you leave. And my heart feels with emotions. I cry because you are leaving, but at the same time feel priviledged, for choosing my lap as your last resting place in this world.

In short, I see your growth from Baby to child to adolescent to young person to parent and finally to old age, before finally bidding adieu with your death.  I often ask, that Why can’t I accompany you to heaven, to provide my services. But then Bhagwat Geeta, answers me: I am a karmayogi and I should continue to play the role given to me. And I am in service of a soul and not to a body. Soul will always be there, till eternity and so actually I am never leaving my master, which is Soul.