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What’s in my genes? September 25, 2010

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Whats in my gene?

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It was 24th September evening, when I had gone to bring some grocery for weekend. It was one of rarest moment, when I went out to bring grocery for home, although the shop being just a road cross away. But even then, what was supposed to be 5 mins home away , went eventful, with record 106MM rainfall pouring in. I was stranded in the grocery shop for half an hour.

Now this 30 mins stranding resulted in lot of questioning within my heart, mind. It raised question about my genes, about me being Indian. It all started, when two persons came in a bike and took shelter in the same shop. Both I guess of my age, working in some company in Bangalore and were sure on way to home from office. They were talking about CWG, which for obvious reason is the hottest topic in countries, which were once colonised by England. Since I donot know there name, I would refer them as Mr X and Mr Y respectively.

Mr X: What the hell is going on in Delhi? CWG it seems has created a mess of Delhi.

Mr Y: Yah, certianly. Photos coming look really pathetic. What impression are we going to create, man.

Suddenly, during there talk, Mr X took out a Tobacco pouch, gulped up its content and threw the cover in a style (which I am sure will put Rajnikanth to shame). The cover flew a distance of around 6 mts, before landing on a headlight of a bike parked infront. I was amazed by the throw, which went so great distance, although being feather light. Amazed, I complemented to his throw.

Me: That was amazing throw, man.

Mr X: Thanks.

Me: It went 6 mts man. Thats a kind of record in my personal “Gusiness book of records”.

Mr X: Hey, thats usual for me. I do it always. Its just came with practice. I have been eating tobacco for 4 years.

Me: Good. So why don’t you join CWG? You can take part in disc throw kind of competition. I am sure you gonna give tough competition to similar other Indian counterparts.

Mr X: Yah, if such competition were there, surely I would have taken part.

He Continued …

Mr X: Anyways who is going to join that filthy game….its already marred with corruption and plagued with completion of facility issues.

You saw the news and photos. How horrible….beds, bathrooms etc all drenched with red spots.

Me: Yah saw those. Very pathetic. Dunno know what kind of impression we are giving to world.

Mr X: Yah, filthy roads, breeding mosquitos over choked drains, shit and all that in rooms.

Me: I wonder who did all that?

Mr X: Obvious, those workers. Lower class people. No sense of hygiene or country’s reputation.

Me: Yah. See even here our nallas have already choke in quarter an hour of rain. Ever wondered who did this?

Mr X: Yah, these people throw everythi.. …….and then suddenly he stopped and looked at me.

I couldn’t read his eyes. Were they apologetic or were they killing looks? I decided to come back, although it was pouring cats and dogs. I am still doing lot of retrospective within myself. Going by my previous experiences with family and friends, I know those eyes were cursing me or telling, “another psychologically retarded  guy”. 

Are we Indians like this? Is corruption, putting blame to others…part of my genes? I am trying to get answers. I am asking questions to myself. Also trying to tell truth to myself. Well, I would also like fellow Indians to help in my search. Is corruption, blaming others ..part of our genes? Now I look my toilet and bed with suspicious eyes. Are they in Unlivable conditions?


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