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Train Timing predictor September 19, 2010

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I have found an unique way of predicting the punctuality of a train. And mind, it doesn’t involve use of any sort of gadgets or technology, nor interaction with anyone. I predict the punctuality of train, by mere observation of road traffic.

While on way to Office in Whitefield, my bus always through a U-turn near ISRO layout in Outer ring road, immediately after Marthalli bridge, sharp at 8:30-8:40AM (if it’s a normal traffic day in Bangalore). Beside this is a service road, which criss crosses a Railway track, connecting Bangalore & Hosur. Every day, on week day, whenever my bus does a U-turn, I see a lot of traffic build up in service road and reason is close of Railway phatak. Although Railway track is some 100 mtrs inside the Outer ring road and invisible, the traffic overflows to service road. From my statistics (which I can take only on weekdays) taken over last 3 months, the train has been punctual 70% of the time. That’s not bad, considering my personal opinion about punctuality of IR, especially in Bangalore sector.

Anyways, its so simple non-destructive way of predicting punctuality of train. Only disadvantage being I can do it only for one train. May be IR can ask for SMS from daily car commuters at each Railway phatak to know the exact schedule of a train.


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