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Orkut Devdas and Devdasis… September 19, 2010

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Like many e-loafers, with nothing to do on weekend, I was browsing through funky communities of erstwhile No.1 social network of India, i.e. Orkut. I stumbled upon a community dubbed “Veggie Devdasis”. The community from name appeared funky, strange, different and so immediately appealed by intuition. And so I decided to explore more. There were 12 members, oops Devdasis, in the community, all in 20-30 age bracket, with Anamika (I don’t know if it’s a name or not) playing moderator role. With further exploration I found, it is female exclusive community, who once upon a time were in love with Veggie. (I opened a new window to search, who exactly on earth was this playboy?). As pages were loading up slowing, I thought of synonyms for the community name, like Veggie rejectees, Veggie ki Gopiyan and bla bla bla.

 Veggie, as I explored more through his Orkut page, is just another guy of the gully, and of course an engineer working for some non-descript IT company of Bangalore as technical advisor. Must be of my age, 26. With further explorations through 1000s of his Unlocked Scraps, testimonials and profile, he seems to be a 100% Non-Veg food loving guy, from a pure vegetarian middle class family from Andaman, with no smoking, but social drinking habits. He explains himself to be a bathroom singer, with crush on some Zollywood film star.

 Coming back to community of Becharis of Veggie, the community was the platform for the members to express their (supposedly) deep love for veggie. How dearly they loved him. Also this was platform to take out their anger, frustration against the central actor/character Veggie. But still, most of them, were hoping against hope. And they know if at all it is going to be true, it will be true for just one among them.

 From my friend of friend of friend chain, I was able to get a direct link with one of the member, Dimple. Her photo in Orkut had no pimple in her face, and in my rankings was certainly much above average (I still wonder how Veggie could have parted from her). As per her, she is last recruit to this community (just 2 months old), means latest victim as per community membership (who knows how many un-registered Veggie devdasis would be there in this world). She may be of 18-20 (I was told by someone from day one, not to ask girls about their age) and is doing her BA. As per her, it was Love at first sight and also descript of first sight was so romantic, that I dare not to see even in my dreams, forget it happening with me in real life.

 It was during a Volvo journey on IT corridor of Silk Board to Whitefield, on cloudy day of Bangalore, she stumbled upon Veggie. She was in window seat of route no. 500C and Veggie on his  Thunderbird. The bike caught her attention and eventually the rider. Both vehicles were travelling with equal speed and so she was able to stare continuously (with thoughts of seating on rear seat of that bike). Veggie noticed it and his sharp antennas detected the intention. He kept riding with equal speed, despite honking of monsters from behind. Soon both realized the established connection and Veggie signaled his mobile number through his fingers and Dimple noting it down secretly, with no-noticing from surrounding crowd. And from there on the affair started, with usual ritual visits to Cafes, theatres and late night calls. It went on for 2 months, before Dimple had to part ways because of parental pressure. She still is in deep love with him, but is sad that Veggie is not talking with her anymore. I pray god, she gets back to normal again.

 My friendship with Dimple increased with every passing day and on my oath taking, she started revealing community secrets to me. I got to know more interesting things about the community. Community has two erstwhile members, i.e. alumni. They left the community, because they got married and supposedly were out-of-shock. But they still were emotionally supporting the existing members. For obvious reasons, details of those members, Dimple did not reveal. Also a get together of Veggie Devdasis happened, 1 year back. It was a symposium, with members revealing their faces, emotions, love, and tragedy. Now that sounds like a pilgrimage and I wonder if any ppt was used for SYMPOSIUM. There are even chapters, based on locations (Veggie traveled from one city to other because of either his father’s transfer or due to his study transfers. So he left his love chaap in all cities. Now that’s 100/100 score).

Here is the story of Anamika, founding sister (as the Devdasis call her) of the asylum community. That’s her real name and as per Dimple, she must be of 26 years. She is supposedly the first love and also the most long-lasting love of Veggie. Their love bloomed in school, when veggie joined afresh in 8th standard and continued till 12th class. And then transfer due to higher studies, resulted in termination of their love. (Well I am no judge to say if that’s love or lust)

 Next in the line is Bhumika, college GF of Veggie. Love started with an act of ragging, bloomed for 2 years, but ultimately Veggie gave up due to constant ego problems. Bhumika is still in some kind of shock state even after so many years.

There are many such interesting stories of love (or lust) start ups and eventual fall down. Another interesting start up is that of Enna. Both Veggie and Enna used to board respective company bus from BTM- Udupi garden stop, at sharp 8AM. As per Enna, it was Veggie who gave constant eye blowing job, but she ignored. It was in evening of Veggie’s B’day, Veggie proposed her with Red rose and Cadbury ( I suspect if “Subh Arambh” ad of Cadbury is inspired from this), after waiting 2 hours in bus stop, where she used to get down and she could not refuse. Things were going very well, but suddenly things went sour with entry of “soon to be Devdasi” entering Veggie’s life. Enna is still in love because of the fashion he proposed her. As per her, that’s a very romantic moment any girl can have in her life.

All this I knew while chatting with Dimple. Our chats would long hours entering late nights. I even started overlooking my job, missing meetings, just to rush back home, open my laptop and chat with her. Besides discussing about community’s romantic history, but sorry sufferings, we chatted about each other. Soon, we both were “mutual chat addicted” , and chat going beyond Veggie and his Devdasis. I started showing symptoms of “Post Modem depression”. Although we were never saw each other, never listened each other voices, but we knew each other like I was her and she was me. I started developing feelings for her and I suppose she too. I continued to chat for 6 long months, without expressing my feelings. But now I was mad about her, thinking day and night about her. I was desperate to meet her, talk to her, listen her voice, see her eyes. One fine night, finally I told her about my raging feelings, I just vomited out all my thoughts and finally she agreed to meet on weekend in a coffee shop.

The day I went early to coffee shop with a red rose (I guess this was first time in my, I had been so romantic. Actually that was code of recognizing each other. I decided not to share mobile numbers, just to make our meeting very romantic). Time passed, I had already gulped down 3 mugs of coffee. Time flew away from afternoon to evening to night, but she did not show up. Waiter kept on asking to produce bill, I kept on telling I wanted more coffee. I was almost in tears and anger and fear by end of day. I feared if something wrong happened to her (if she met an accident or what). Anger raged in, if I was being ditched. Tear flowed down with my heart filled with love for her. I went home, immediately switched on my laptop and left her a chat note of “What happened”. Hours past, days past, weeks past, but no reply. A month ago, we couldn’t stay away from each other without chatting. And now suddenly all lull. I kept checking her profile, status etc., but no updates. Worst thoughts were coming to my mind, but I kept thwarting those away, hoping she would show up some day. I found my self, falling in pit of depression and nothing would amuse me. Exactly a year later of discovering Veggie Devadasis community in Orkut, with grown beard, dark skin and thin looks, I became the founder of “Dimple Devdas” community in Orkut and “Hoping against the hope”.

Disclaimer : The resemblance of article and its character to any alive or dead is purely coincidental. I tried to put variables name like X,Y Z to my characters, but it was robbing the little originality it has. So assigning some earthly name was imperative.

 The article is 99.9% fiction, drawn from vacuum of brain and 0.1% is result of inspiration from real life incident, of which I was a spectator. Inspiration is from my friends’ life, where he rejected many proposals he got in his matrimonial profile. I have conveyed to him being inspiration and he has a given green signal, on condition that his name is kept anonymous all the time. So thanks buddy.

When I listened he had to make 12th rejection, I jokingly said him, “you have created a cricket team with an extra woman”. And that was the trigger of next whole of the story.It was during one of the “post modem depression”, happening due to frequent black outs in IT city, that I build up on this. 


Train Timing predictor

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I have found an unique way of predicting the punctuality of a train. And mind, it doesn’t involve use of any sort of gadgets or technology, nor interaction with anyone. I predict the punctuality of train, by mere observation of road traffic.

While on way to Office in Whitefield, my bus always through a U-turn near ISRO layout in Outer ring road, immediately after Marthalli bridge, sharp at 8:30-8:40AM (if it’s a normal traffic day in Bangalore). Beside this is a service road, which criss crosses a Railway track, connecting Bangalore & Hosur. Every day, on week day, whenever my bus does a U-turn, I see a lot of traffic build up in service road and reason is close of Railway phatak. Although Railway track is some 100 mtrs inside the Outer ring road and invisible, the traffic overflows to service road. From my statistics (which I can take only on weekdays) taken over last 3 months, the train has been punctual 70% of the time. That’s not bad, considering my personal opinion about punctuality of IR, especially in Bangalore sector.

Anyways, its so simple non-destructive way of predicting punctuality of train. Only disadvantage being I can do it only for one train. May be IR can ask for SMS from daily car commuters at each Railway phatak to know the exact schedule of a train.