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Trouble with Costliest and Cheapest cars September 3, 2010

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C for Costliest car , C for cheapest car. And whats lately troubling both these C’s is letter F, which stands for Fire. On 27th August, a Nano caught fire, taking total casualty to 5 (casualty for Nano), since its much famed launch last year. Also this week A new sports version of Ferrari caught fire, resulting recall of 1200 cars of same model. 

When first time I heard news of Nano catching fire way back in Jan, I had thoughts may be to bring down cost, some safety aspects have been compromised on. But the recent news of costliest car also catching fire, my perception changed. I realized,  cheap or expensive, after all designed by Engineers like us, who are prone to making mistakes in design. For Gods grace, no one was injured in all these incidents.

And as they say the 5 destructive elements of nature donot see status, color, creed, caste, citizenship. When they create havoc, they just engulf anyone. And these two incidents prove the fact of Fire belonging to “Fame-5” destructive elements group, who donot differentiate among its victims. I am sure engineers of both will work upon and overcome the flaws. So buyers, donot worry about the Cheapest tag associated with Nano. Long live Nano.

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