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Anuradha….finally “Chupke Chupke” stripped from its No.1 ranking. August 15, 2010

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“Sir Hrishikesh Mukherjee” film festival continued this weekend also, in my life. But unlike past few weekends, this time I opted for a more serious movie rather than usual “bone tickling” ones. And so ended up seeing “Anuradha”. And the movie toppled my statistics on films. For first time a serious movie has topped my ranking. Yes, after years of dominion, “Chupke Chupke” [Another Sir Hrishikesh Mukhejee’s masterpiece] got stripped of its No.1 rank in my favorites. For first time, somebody’s else voice made Lata Mangeskar’s voice inferior. Yes, the voice of Leela Naidu, the main pratagonist of the movie, was like butter melting away, was like …I don’t have words to explain how sweet it was. For the first time, I realized why songs are important in movie and how appropiate they can be. Hats off to the writer, director and every character & contributor.

In my opinion, a movie is great, when it still holds relevant after decades, ages and generations. Anuradha, even after 50 years of its maiden screening, is what I guess is more relevant now, more than ever. A recent article by Mr. Santosh Desai in Times of India, last week, was on “House wife”. His point was “House wife” is a full time profession and one of the most toughest profession, which in current times, is being seen as inferior, especially among urbanites. The option of wife being ” House wife or Employed”, even in official documents [census etc.] is a “Tauhin” to what is actually toughest job. Anuradha movie also drives the same point among many other messages it carries. Its must watch for all those men and women, especially of my generation, who have forgotten that House wife and House maker are one and the same.”Job is a responsibility and not a salary”.

Anuradha is live demonstration of the proverb ….”Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Anuradha is live demonstration of proverb..”Everything has two sides..Good/Bad…Happy/sad…well/Unwell”. Its an Axiom. Its just may be we have to weigh the options, before we take a decision.

Coming back to movie, I guess everything scores 10/10. A completely flawless script with no gaps. Character of Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu and there daughter were worth raising a toast. Actually the voice of “Anuradha” and brief role of daugter “Ranu” were the highlights of the movie. Character of Balraj Sahni inspires me doing my job with full steam and dedication, character of Leela Naidu inspires me of being courageous [ I guess thats toughest], character of Ranu inspires me to carry some humour and character, rather get up of Ajit Bhattacharya [Deepak in the movie] reminded me someone in my real life; wish I could go and share my thoughts with him again, as I did once. The brief, but most catalytic role of Karnal at the end of the movie, made me wish to read mind and eyes as he did and also be truthful ALWAYS, even when it comes to acceptance of fact “being inferior”.

So this independence day, Chupke Chupke got Independence from its No.1 ranking from my chart, as Anuradha bagged the tag. Now I wonder, if it will ever go down my chart, since only another Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s direction can topple it and as per imbd “Anuradha” is the best direction of the master. Wish master has already taken a re-birth or at least his aatma gets inside a director of today’s time, may be Aamir Khan.Only time will say.

I guess whenever I feel low in my life, watching this movie will help to overcome it. Thanks to google video, of making it available to me all the time.


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