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Bachelor Food Corner (BFC) June 26, 2010

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Mixture Maggi Magic
Date:26th June,2010

Ingredients: Maggi + Haldiram’s Khatta Mitha + Bundi

Preparation: 1) Prepare 2 minutes maggi

2) 2 tea spoons of Khata Mitha Mixture and 2 tea spoons of Bundi

Taste: Sweey taste of Khata Mitha and spicy bundi & Maggi masala.

Add ons: Tomato sause, Bhujia

Preparation time: 10 mins



Volcanic Dry Fruit Wet Ice Cream:

Flavours: Vanilla , strawberry or combo

Ingredients: Fav flavour ice cream, Dry fruits (Kaju, Kismis, Badam, Elaichi), Chilled Thums Up, Mango, Banana

Preparation: 1) Cut dry fruits, mango (1cm dia) & banana (1cm dia) to small pieces 

2) Pour in Chilled Thums up (30-40 ml), pour it such that it foams.Can add a bit of black salt to make it foam.

3) Immediately add mango & banana pieces (3-4 pieces each)

4) Immediately add ice-cream (2 scoops max) to foaming thums up.

 5) Add 2-3 pieces of mango & banana

6) Add dry fruits as top ups.

Add ons: Apple, grapes



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