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So much to learn from ….sports June 24, 2010

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For first time I am watching football so closely, with lot of excitement because of football world cup. And in the first going itself, lots of learnings. First and foremost, anything can happen in sports: “Today you are hero, tomorrow zero and vice versa”. Nothing is more true than this.

As on 25th June, at the end of first round, last world cup’s finalist, Italy and France are out of world cup. As games’ new fan, its something not going down my throat. Two teams considered to be in fray for golden cup at start of tournament, exiting in the first round itself and that too ending being worst teams in their respective group. That teaches me how hard any sport could be. Till these years I have been exposed to cricket only. And as I draw parallels with cricket world cup, something of same sort indeed happen, when India exited from first round in 2007 world cup, resulting in hue n cry in whole country led by media. Just these two parallels show no sport in immune to such change of events, no country -which ever world it may be of, is immune to such change in fortune in no time.

There’s another gradual shift, I can clearly see in this most watched sport of world. Power shifted from Europe and South America sometime in 20th century. Now they both share top ranks among themselves, but this 2010 world cup is certainly throwing up new teams coming to pitch. South Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Africa all looked very impressive. I bet South Korea, New zealand will be teams to be watched next round of world cup. It is showing some shifting of power towards Asia. But as I said reversal of fortune can be anytime, so better I sayed glued till 2014 world cup in Brazil.

Another great event happened in another sports, which just reflect the undying spirit of a sportsman. Its in Wimbeldon, a 11hr match, spanning over 3 days, between two players, unknown even to greatest of tennis followers, battling for win. It has broken all records, but what is interesting to note is that, both players know they are not going to win the tournament. But still the spirit of win, small or big, is always there. Fans got tired, Commentators got tired, ballboys got tired, linesman got tired, chair umpire got tired, but not the two players batlling on a green turf of court-18.

So whats in store for us fans. For me: “Never say die, Hard work will pay off, celebrate wins and digest defeats, lastly stand by your team or player whether its loss or win”.Thats culminates to “a sporting attitude


One Response to “So much to learn from ….sports”

  1. Ashish Mall Says:

    There are many other learning too:
    1. Sports may be seen as medium of entertainment, but when it comes to country-its a war and winning does what eventually matters.
    2. In your own country you groom local talent not the foreign talent (may sound like shiv sainik-but see what happened to England).
    3. In Women Tennis no matter how good you play it is player’s looks (& grunts) that draw eyeballs.

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