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Oongli Cricket April 14, 2010

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This is the story of epic 6-6 final encounter between “Male Ungli” and “Female Ungli” cricket team in an Ungli cricket match. The series was well set at 1-1. First match was comfortably won by “Female Ungli”, played on smooth stomach pitch of Mrs. Eden.Second match was somehow won by “Male Ungli”, played on grassy stomach pitch of Mr. Eden. There was lot of hype on third match, played on dark bouncy pitch of Mr. Abhi. Unglis were crossed and both had taste of victory and loss. There was lot of betting and I was the few one to bet on “Female Ungli” cricket team.

So coming back to match, all was set. Women Ungli cricket team in different attires: some in red nail polish, some in blue, some in green, some in pink and so on. No wonder Women Ungli cricket team were sponsored by “Elle-18”. “Divided by colors, united by nail polish“. Exactly opposite were Men Ungli cricket team. United by color, infact all colorless..:-) and divided by shape, size, smoothness, dirtiness.

After winning the toss, Women Ungli Cricket team decided to bat first and were straight away in business with flying shots. The smooth face of Ungli, ensured ball skidding away to and over boundaries. The mongoose Ungli ensured sixes rain. The phirki of rough “male thumb ungli” didn’t work infront of the tall “Rainbow Unglies”.In 6 overs, Female Ungli team scored 90 runs. That was a huge target. Great batting and long Ungli nail, ensured female team flying high and always off ground.

Male Ungli team, surrounded by the colorful Female Ungli team on a dark pitch was a quite a scene to watch. Rough Ungli nails ensured edgy batting of Men Ungli cricket team and bouncers from pink colored Mongoose Ungli added to their woes. Some how seasoned Unglis of Male cricket team stood out and ensured a nail biting finish, but with their defeat by 2 runs. At end of this nail biting match, dark pitch of Mr. Abhi was filled with pieces of nails.Colorless nails pinted to the fact that Male were more nervous than female counterparts.

Woman Ungli of the match was presented to “Pink Mongoose ungli” for high sixes and feary bouncers.She was presented with “Nail mala” of Weared out Nails of “Male Ungli cricket” and trophy was “Anguli Mala” of chopped off Unglies of Male Ungli team…:-).

So with victory of Female Ungli cricket ensured I ended up being rich. The reason I betted on Female team, because I knew the famous Hindi proverb, “Ungli Karna Aurat se jyada aur kisse aa sakta hai“…;-)

Anyways, that was end of Nail biting Ungli cricket match.The content written is not meant to offense anyone or gender as such. Its purely fictional and meant to tickle funny bone.


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