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Why negative attracts Human beings? April 6, 2010

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Why Human beings, me included, tend to get attractedd mainly by negative things? This is my general observation of the society surrounding me, their respond to certain events and my own respond as well. Statistically, we decide on a subject/relationship/event, based on the negative scores, completely overlooking the other positive side of the coin.Why so??? I seek an answer and I need it urgently.

As an immediate example, is this blog post. See I am writing on negative aspect of Human behavior and can’t remember if I have ever written on positive aspect of same. I just wonder ..why so???

Next is scene of a manager questioning an employee on her early departure from office, although she did it after time immerorable. Moreover, manager never questioned her, when she used to put in extra hours almost daily.Why did manager notice early departure and failed to do so for extra work she had put in??

Next is scene of a youngster who immediately gets “spoilt” tag, by immediate relatives, on just one small wrong doing. How come they forget all the good name brought by the child in the past??

Other big example is Media, we encounter day-today in our lives. See how negatives news are always publishised and equally important good news, gets hidden somewhere between words. Because of this attitude only came the proverb “Any publicity is good publicity” and no wonder people using this proverb tend to do anything, worst included, to get into news. Recently news channel broadcasted,LIVE, a celebrity going to court for filing divorce papers, but failed to show her immediate visit to a an old age home. Why so??

Another good example is in friendship and I am sure all of us must have encountered this. Just remember a small fight or mis-understanding, led to you to stop talking to each other, completely forgetting all the good time or understanding, both shared all these years. Isn’t it strange…how one small incident over-shadowed a great relationship? Why so?

Another intriguing example is of “Cricketers”. How fast Yuvi was portrayed as a villian because of poor form, completely ignoring his not so far, vital contributions to Indian cricket. Why we failed to boost up his moral by showing the Six sixes he had hit, rather than showing his “Outs”, continuously in TV.

Why we judge decisions with view of negative side. Why we forget the good things? Why relationship is decided on mis-understandings and not Understandings??? Why???? Why???

I feel one reason could be : We take positives as granted and so always overlook them, without realising it has happened. And so negative happenings always gets noticed and so on this ony we judge. But still why so??

Hope I bring this change in me…n write a positive blog next time…:-)


4 Responses to “Why negative attracts Human beings?”

  1. Rakesh Says:

    I have also thought on these lines many times ….

    One explanation I can think of is FEAR….. fear of getting hurt…..

    Human beings are highly protective of themselves & fear anything that is negative…. the self defense mechanism rings a bell when they see anything not goin as per the rules of convention….somehow they relate to it and do all the halla 😛

  2. madhav Says:

    The example you gave of friendship doesn’t fit to me as recently i had an argument with my friend but we cannot stay like that (not talking to each other) for a long time. Actually in that argument he said this proves how much he understood me.Next Morning i msgd him that the understanding which we both are having is in-fact very rare very less people have so much understanding even after living so many yrs with each other.

  3. OK Says:

    Actually Omprakash, there is no such thing as right or wrong, positive or negative….there are just few “outliers”…

  4. Ashish Mall Says:

    Furthering your views, why do an individual incessantly gets pricked by his under-achievements or failures not by his past successes.

    Its a gift of capitalism. We are brought up to live like this…..

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