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Who is the creator and destroyer? God or Human Beings? March 6, 2010

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Everybody says god is the creator and destroyer of human beings. Considering my faith in stone dieites of temples, I feel otherwise. Human beings are the creator and destroyer of god. This is a conclusion from my observations of temples, churches, annual pujas etc.

Lets first take examples of temples. Hampi temples are classical examples of creation and destruction of god by human beings. Some centuries back, temples of this ruined city, were one of most powerful and most visited. The gods were considered living. Now, the gods here are considered dead, no one prays nor any devotee make wishes here. The corpses of god, in form of stone idols are just attraction for tourists. So when people pray in temple, gods are living, considered powerful and once people stop praying, everyone forgets those gods and gradually with time, they die.

Lets take another example of “Raja Rani temple” and an un-named temple, exactly infront of it, in temple city of Bhubaneswar. For those people, who donot know “Raja Rani” temple in Bhubaneswar are one of most worshipped Shivaite temple in the region in lines of Lingaraj temple, is listed in ASI proctected monuments and is splendid in architecture and is a must in itinerary of tourists visiting the region here. And exactly opposite Raja Rani temple, is another Shiva temple, equal in age, but less splendid in architecture. So naturally, there was virtually no foot fall, even in Shivrati, when Raja Rani temple, donot have even a foot space to spare. So why??? Simple reason, not being that splendid in architecture, it attracted few devotees and further lesser number of people followed. Gradually, no devotee, in turn no stories on god residing temples and so in turn the gods were never considered that living and powerful than the residing god Raja Rani temple. Thus in turn, god of these un-named temple are just stones with no life and power.

Then there are examples of small temples (even tree temples) in big cities, whose residing gods are considered very powerful. Simple reason, population of big cities ensured a big stock of devotees and in turn, more foot falls, more stories on residing gods, about it healing and magical power flying around. Classical example is Bhootnath temple in Kolkata. Just look around famous temples, if you happen to live near by one and explore the reason of its power. Simple reason would be more foot falls of devotees and stories revolving around the residing god, which makes these god more lively.

Another classical example of destruction of god by human being is, Varca Goa. The place in Goa, is dotted with number of churches, centuries old and the place once rivalled the home town of its creators, Lisbon in far distant country of  Portugal in Europe. Now, the gods are hardly worshipped here and reduced to dustbins & photoshoot up place of tourists visiting here.Hopefully, these tourists footfall turns out to be devotees footfall, bringing life to deities of these churches. A perfect cycle of creation, destruction and re-creation of god by human being.

There are many such examples we can see around us. Temples of yesterday are ruins of today and for sure todays famous temples, churches, mosques etc. will be ruins of tomorrow. Famous and powerful Gods of yesterday are forgotten today and same fate waits for todays richest, famous gods.

Another classical examples are from day to day life.We bring calendars every new year, with photos of gods. We pray them through out the year and the moment another new year arrives, new gods replace the old ones and subsequently the gods we prayed for a year, languish in some lake or dustbins or some trash palce.

Pandals are another classical examples. For period of festive season, gods are played day and night and people discuss about how lively gods are. And after that, these same deities are left unattended in lakes, oceans and are blamed for polluting the water bodies. STRANGE…

So no wonder, who is the creator and destroyer?? Who dictate terms?? Whose fate is in whose hand??? I wonder….


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